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Chewoo as a Baby Bird. Subtitles Subtitles. Sound languages Sound languages. YooHoo and Pammee become under the ocean to get caught in a bubble. While they tend to be touring the ocean, Roodee and Lemmee wind up on the coastline. While desperate for a method to eat a coconut on the beach, Chewoo drops into a bird’s nest on a sharp cliff. Chewoo occurs to appear like a child bird and a mom bird is mistaken Chewoo with her baby bird. How will YooHoo and friends rescue Chewoo?

Disappeared Yootopia. By the time YooHoo and buddies arrive on Madagascar, they truly are already fatigued from nostalgia. She always enjoys herself utilizing the brand new adventure, and Roodee and Lemmee be more grouchy with her worriless attitude. The Secret of Baobab Trees. Because of the guidance of light from the pouch, YooHoo and Friends reach nature preservation area known as Tingji De Bemaraha in the west side to Antananarivo, the main city of Madagascar. The magnificence of summits, that have been produced by the erosion of water through the lake and rainfall, will not compare to everything they have present in their life.

Just Who Could Get Water First? Everybody is exhausted from dehydration, so Roodee and Lemmee decide to go on a journey to find water for them. But, Roodee and Lemmee continue their separate ways once they encounter two-forked method. Roodee and Lemmee would be the opposites when considering down seriously to making choices.

Roodee attempts to be determined by Yootopedia while Lemmee uses their instinct. Over the Victoria Falls. YooHoo and pals begin their journey to Victoria fall where light for the pouch directed them to.

With no knowledge of how dangerous the fall is, they ride a log into the fall. YooHoo loses his stability and drops in to the fall, but Roodee saves him by tossing limbs and pebbles for YooHoo to seize onto.

The Lion with Blue Mane. In Serengeti there existed the entire world’s biggest golden lion. He had been always alone, excluding himself off their animals. He was courageous and high in self-confidence. 1 day, a little purple fruit fell on his mind and switched his mane to red.

Other pets in Serengeti became attracted to their fresh look and approached him in order to make buddies with him, however the lion ignored all of them. There is a Monster! YooHoo and Friends have reached Turkana Lake in Kenya, plus they are really excited to see a small grouping of elephants. They happen to rest in the rock cave during the night. Most of unexpected, they hear odd breathing sound and loud steps from outside the cave.

Chewoo and Lemmee peak out to see in which the sound is coming from then get terrified to see a one-eyed monster with a lengthy human anatomy of a snake. Finding YooHoo! YooHoo and Friends are at Congo, and suddenly a gorilla seems in the front of those. YooHoo and Friends try to escape from his unexpected assault while YooHoo allures the gorilla from his pals so he can buy a while.

Shortly YooHoo’s friends come to mind about YooHoo and opt to return to YooHoo, however they aren’t able to find just how returning to him. Catch the Green Seed! YooHoo and pals had been traveling throughout the sky on a tree leaf hand glider when they meet a team of pelicans. Roodee cannot resist but to laugh at the abnormally small one with a tiny beak. He unintentionally spills all of the seafood poor people lump-beak pelican caught featuring its small beak.

Meeting the Meerkat Brothers. YooHoo and Friends tend to be flying with a glide made from a leaf. Unfortunately, the glide starts to burn with powerful sunlight. However, YooHoo and friends are able to crash-land at the wilderness and commence wandering around to obtain some water on this hot, sandy wilderness.

Meanwhile they meet Meerkats who have been operating away from hyenas’ attack. No Person Can End. The Meerkat brothers rush back into their particular village within the Air Mountains to tell their family about the Yootopia. Mesmerized by its beauty, they persuade their leader and family to come using them to live indeed there.

But, alas no body believes them. They usually have drawn pranks in the clan often times before! The Mysterious Pyramid. Yoohoo and pals are trapped in Pyramid. They are able to just get out if they solve all the questions written truth be told there ahead of the sands begin to slip. With Roodie’s help, they eventually understand the letters written in old times and progress to browse the question.

The Stolen Encyclopedia. YooHoo and pals, who’re really exhausted from a long trip, choose simply take an escape at beautiful Ma’in Hot Springs. All of sudden, a group of strangers appear and take away Roodee’s Yootopedia. Desert Paradise 1. There’s a concealed clue that displays the best way to the housing a resting place of wilderness on a treasure map that Lesser Panda, Hapee, has within their arms.

Desert Paradise 2. but, they discover all of it dry out in the middle of a couple of withered trees. They appear to discover the right location to create for keeping one night with 7 tops of sand ridges in front of all of them. Locating the Fairy Chimneys. All of a sudden, the light from the Green Pouch are all dispersed due to the expression of liquid pools. Spooky Vampire Bats. YooHoo and buddies arrive in Rumania. Whenever Lemmee informs them about vampire bats that inhabit the area, the whole team is horrified except Roodee.

He thinks it really is make think. When they head out to the pond during the night, Roodee tries to amaze his friends only to discover himself scared down because of the Meerkat brothers in disguise. The Meerkats you will need to scare YooHoo and also the sleep of his pals.

Green Seed into the Lake. Nevertheless, there’s an obstacle, Meerkats looking forward to all of them. They need to get free from liquid making Chewoo alone into the lake. Interestingly, Chewoo discovers a bunch of “Greens” at the end of pond, however they grow to be simply small pebbles in exact same color given that Greens.

Rooney the Musician. They become marveled with beauty associated with miraculous underworld. YooHoo and Pammee walk through a majestic cave filled up with stalactites while cowardly Roodee employs Lemmee along the way. Libee the Dandy. YooHoo’s group hits the Aeolian isles after an extended trip.

They meet dandy Libee, just who grabs Pammee and Chewoo’s heart with secret tricks and manners of a gentlemen additionally the males tend to be displeased with him. Libee put the seed pouch towards the side with his secret and also the men blame him because of it. Whose Pouch Is It? YooHoo and friends fall the seed pouch somewhere in the Pyrenees Mountains, France. Rubee, a Red Fox that has been going about her way bored picks it.


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Donate to YooHoo television to get more ️ a lot more of your favourite episodes right here: ?v=H2OYR1WsdWQ&list=PLK7P9W. Share your movies with friends, family members, together with world. YooHoo and Friends tend to be back once again to save the Yootopia experiencing pollution into the environment. There is certainly a magical springtime into the Yootopia that can move you to youthful forever with a few sips, it can also help our friends keep pure hearts in addition to comfort into the village. 1 day, Mr. Big Boss learns about any of it miraculous springtime and plans to make huge profits selling this enchanted liquid.

Close Menu. Travelling or based outside usa? Video supply outside of United States varies. Sign in to see videos open to you. YooHoo and Friends tend to be back once again to conserve the Yootopia experiencing air pollution when you look at the environment. There is certainly a magical springtime into the Yootopia that may turn you into youthful permanently with a few sips, it can also help our friends keep pure hearts additionally the comfort in the village.

One day, Mr. Big Boss learns concerning this miraculous spring and plans to make big earnings selling this enchanted liquid. Even more buy choices. By ordering or viewing, you accept our Terms. Sold by Amazon.

Share Share. Edit Edit. Lightbulb Lightbulb. Episodes Relevant Details. Episodes 52 type by Episode number Newest episodes Available to watch. A Magical Spring. Subtitles Subtitles.

Sound languages Sound languages. In peaceful Eco-Farm there is a legend that has been offered through many generations. The legend tells of a magical spring water-stream that gives everlasting youth. The evil Big Boss finds out about any of it legend and in order to take over the magical springtime water, he orders Oops and Koops bad alligators to stress the animals and chase all of them away from Eco-Farm.

The Precious Liquid. Big Boss continues together with his efforts to take over Greenit and orders Oops and Koops to dump wastewater into the village. The animals drink the polluted water to discover a change in their particular personalities. They become sensitive and painful and effortlessly irritated leading to chaos when you look at the town. Over the years the animals’ faces are cast with darkness in addition they come to be more and more violent. The very best of the most effective.

Yoohoo does not just prefer to run but he additionally really loves playing pranks. 1 day Yoohoo’s buddies choose to get back at him by planning a big prank during the town’s competition.

Together with this, Oops and Koops also choose to make the race burdensome for Yoohoo by establishing traps along the racetrack. The Greenet Fruit Festival. Yoohoo and their friends are excitedly looking forward to the Fruit Festival! Nevertheless, an unknown animal ruins all of the fruits and thus, the Fruit Festival is terminated. As well as the bad development Pammee’s house is damaged into and a thief features taken most of the meals in the ice box.

Yoohoo and his buddies opt to just take things within their very own hands and start a search for the criminal.

Utopia Carnival. Big Boss, Oops, and Koops would you like to take control the village, so they choose lure most of the animals into one location. Yoohoo and his pals will be the very first sufferers and are also lured to an amusement playground, which can be found close to the Death woodland.

Oops and Koops sabotage the trips at the enjoyment park making sure that Yoohoo along with his friends cannot get off of them. Pammee the Superstar. Pammee isn’t only the most beautiful animal located in Greenit but is additionally an excellent singer.

With her looks and angelic voice she catches the hearts of Yoohoo along with his friends. Her friends try very difficult to obtain Pammee’s interest and she takes the attention for issued. One-day Yoohoo, Lemmee, and Roodee ask Pammee to sing for all of them, but she says she needs specific things to be able to sing.

Roodee, the wizard inventor, fixes all the damaged products his pals provide him. Roodee also loves to play pranks on their friends and utilizes his intelligence to fool all of them. He plays pranks through his innovations and sabotages the things he fixes for their friends. Yoohoo and their friends are fed up with Roodee’s tricks and start to become so enraged they confront him. Friends Forever.

Oops and Koops want to kidnap Roodee to make him to generate a creation to bother the Greenit creatures. One-day Roodee switches into the Death Forest to gather products he requires for his innovations. Oops and Koops take this chance to kidnap Roodee! Back the village, Yoohoo and their friends seek Roodee to correct their broken objects.

Bell around Caramel’s Neck. One day the animals’ valuable products commence to get missing. Pammee’s mirror, Roodee’s encyclopedia, Chewoo’s pizza pie, and Lemmee’s bowtie have vanished into thin air! Everybody but Yoohoo is missing one thing, therefore naturally all the animals begin to suspect Yoohoo once the thief! Therefore Hot. Huge Boss orders Oops and Koops to gather and burn off firewood.

The smoke as well as heat from the firewood produces a greenhouse impact and it also becomes more and more hot in Eco-Farm. This effect ended up being all section of Big Boss’ intend to chase the creatures out of Greenit, to ensure that he could take over the magical springtime water stream. The Dinosaur’s Fury. Chewoo discovers a dinosaur’s egg left at her doorsteps. Whilst the egg hatches a baby dilophosaurus appears also it believes that Chewoo is its mother. From that day forth Chewoo begins to take care of the infant dinosaur.

While Chewoo together with infant invest their days in bliss, the mother dilophosaurus visited Greenit and rampages the village to find her missing child. A Gift Gone Incorrect. Pammee gets the most readily useful ears in all of Greenit and certainly will also hear noises that are far.

Compliment of Pammee’s great hearing abilities, the friends could actually place a stop to Oops and Koops who were throwing trash away in Greenit throughout the night. 1 day a gift finds Pammee’s household. In the gift package you will find a couple of tiny and circular earmuffs. The Treasure Ship Pursuit. The friends tend to be enjoying Chewoo’s tale about a sunken treasure ship at the end of Greenit’s sea. Yoohoo and his friends choose to try to find the ship and they use Roodee’s robot fish to guide the way in which.

While on the treasure ship quest they come upon plenty sick ocean creatures. We can not Stay without Roodee. There is a lot of harm in Greenit after a dinosaur rampaged the village. Yoohoo’s roof is damaged, Chewoo’s household is lacking windows, Pammee’s liquid pipelines are damaged, therefore the lampposts are not working, therefore Lemmee has got to be truth be told there each night to light the way. Every person needs Roodee’s make it possible to fix all that is damaged. Roodee is so hectic fixing everything that he doesn’t even have time and energy to eat.

A Commander’s Load. Between the group of pals Yoohoo has actually naturally taken the place while the frontrunner. One day, Lemmee exclaims he additionally desires to function as the frontrunner. Chewoo, Pammee, and Roodee choose hold a tournament to select a leader on the list of two. Within the end, Lemmee wins and becomes the top.

Nonetheless, the friends cannot stand Lemmee’s leadership because he always has got to try everything his method. Absolutely nothing to Eat. 1 day a swarm of locusts fly into Greenit and ruins all the plants, fruits etc. Without having any food, all of the pets go hungry plus some even decide to keep the village. Needless to say this result was all a part of Big employer’ plan. He produced robot locusts to collect and lead a swarm of locusts to attack Eco-Farm.

Chewoo Grabs A Cold. Yoohoo and his friends learn that when your nose is filled up it is hard to smell any such thing. They look for this very interesting and commence to consume things such as onions and garlic with their noses plugged. At the moment a yearly cooking competition had been held in Greenit. Chewoo, who’s best tasting buds and scent, is the judge for the contest.

Made by Roodee. For months Roodee happens to be working hard on a fresh invention, a transforming robot!