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Ayano Aishi, also referred to as Yandere-chan and Yan-chan, is the main personality and playable protagonist of Yandere Simulator. Her goal in the game is to expel 10 rivals who’ve a unique desire for her Senpai. YandereDev initially did not would you like to identify Ayano, while he believed that a name had been unimportant [citation needed] , but he later on changed their mind.

However, he resigned using this idea, and decided that her title would feature “yan” inside it someplace. Ayano is nicknamed “Yan-chan” by other students most likely by the “yan” in “Ayano” and never due to the “Yandere-chan” , but educators will refer to her by either her surname or name. Ayano monologues about her life, describing that she’s constantly experienced “hollow” and “empty”. She reveals that her mom, Ryoba , additionally believed in this manner until she came across her daddy , who awakened emotions in her.

Ryoba related this to Ayano, impressing on the that the same experience would happen to her too. Ayano states that she’s spent her life thinking about it moment, waiting for the love which will “cure”, “fix”, and “conserve” her.

The gamer will be shown the moment Ayano encountered her Senpai, Taro Yamada , which introduced colour, emotions, and aspire to her life, therefore ending her grey and emotionless life, and Ayano is ecstatic through to the appearance of Osana Najimi , initial opponent , directs her into a trend. Ayano says that Osana cannot appreciate Senpai in how that she does and resolves to help keep Senpai to herself — regardless of if this means hurting or killing Osana.

She finishes by stating that “He will be mine. He doesn’t have an option. The intro then crossfades in to the text message series through the 2nd intro, in which Info-chan shows herself to Ayano and gives her information on Osana, including her plans to confess love to Senpai.

Info-chan establishes the Panty Shot system with Ayano and ends up with a want Osana to endure. At the beginning of 1st intro, after revealing just how disappointed she actually is along with her present love life, Ayano features a dream about her ideal fan, ‘Senpai’, the night before her 2nd 12 months of high school.

That morning, she manages to lose monitoring of enough time and leaves for school later. She crashes into somebody who seems completely just like the individual she saw inside her desires. Whenever she sees him, she instantly falls in love with him, concluding to by herself that their conference is fate. She then views him being scolded by their youth friend, Osana Najimi, and plans to beat her.

Ayano then fulfills a mysterious girl named Info-chan, whom requested by phone to generally meet her in class Which currently no more is out there. Info-chan informs her concerning the panty shot system and asks her to eliminate others round the school to make certain that her magazine will offer much better.

Ayano has actually serious doubts concerning this, maybe not attempting to do anything that terrible, but views the theory after being told that Osana will confess her love for Senpai that Friday, underneath the cherry-tree behind the school. This cut scene is no longer in current versions of this game; but, it may be present in four components on YandereDev’s YouTube station. At the time of the August 15th, Build, the next intro ended up being implemented.

In the second intro, Ayano speaks to herself about her Senpai, Taro Yamada. She states she had sensed no emotions after all until she met him, and now feels jealousy and rage towards an individual who is apparently wanting to simply take him from her. Ayano states she desires to destroy this individual, and therefore there is not anything she’d not do for him. The written text message cutscene with Info-chan then plays. As of the June fifteenth, Build, the very first section of this intro isn’t any longer within the online game, having been changed by the existing intro.

The text message portion has had minor changes at the time of the June 1st, Build. Hairstyle and uniform drafts of Ayano. Ayano Aishi has actually pale skin, dark grey eyes, and straight, long black colored locks. She appears at a height of cm 5 feet, 4. As associated with August 15, develop, she can purchase dye and bleach her locks blond, so that you can meet one of many needs for joining the delinquents. As time goes by, she may get a new ponytail, which will be very similar to her current hairstyle but is a genuine asset.

Ayano is seen wearing a white and navy blue sailor uniform shirt with a purple mini scarf, a matching dark blue dress, black thigh large socks, and black colored shoes. Unless changed into interior shoes which are white with blue in the tip.

Her uniform can be modified. In all uniforms, she wears black thigh large clothes. She is the only real character besides Senpai we have seen using the state uniform Yandere Dev really wants to make use of. Composed of a white button-up, long-sleeved top, purple ribbon, and blue gown. She keeps her black leg large socks and black footwear. When in town Ayano will wear a teal-green top, blue denim dress, black leg high clothes, black gloves, and shoes.

When visibly insane , Ayano will end up hunched over, twitch erratically, have actually dilated students, and also the top half her face will cast a dark shadow. If she’s murdered a student, her consistent therefore the rest of her human body will end up bloody. Whenever Yandere Vision is energetic, Ayano’s human body may be outlined in black [12] , and her eyes will likely to be totally purple. Ayano’s initial idea design by Aea. There was previously an Easter Egg where if she went into the Phantom woman that used is in the Confession Tree situated at the back of the college, she’d be putting on a red and black form of the standard consistent.

This, nonetheless, ended up being eliminated, after being reported countless times as a “bug”. The player can change her appearance by modifying the streaming possessions folder. The gamer can currently give her various hairstyles by pushing the H key. The gamer can give her eye-wear add-ons utilizing the P secret. They are able to also give her arbitrary miscellaneous add-ons utilising the O secret. In the last online game, Ayano’s hair will not be customizable during gameplay [15] , unless the player would go to the small city’s barbershop.

When she can join the beginner Council she’ll possess red and white consistent donned by every one of the Student Council. Ayano Aishi could be the protagonist of Yandere Simulator. This woman is referred to as “Yandere-chan” to players for the online game and it has been because of the nickname “Yan-chan” by her class mates. Since very early youth, Ayano has experienced an inexplicable, incurable condition.

In a nutshell, this problem actually leaves her with a perpetual sense of becoming empty, hollow, and partial. As a result, she has never ever been able to experience pleasure, fulfillment, or pleasure, and has now not been able to experience thoughts in the same ability as people. As she expanded older, she learned to imagine to be an ordinary individual to avoid attracting negative attention from other people but was never ever able to feel any amount of empathy towards various other human beings.

Her mother tried to comfort her, telling her that at Ayano’s age, she ended up being similar, and she couldn’t feel any such thing. But someday, she stated, she would meet an individual who will alter her life permanently.

From the first-day of her 2nd 12 months of twelfth grade, Ayano arrived to physical experience of “Senpai. Meeting Senpai ended up being like witnessing color for the first time, reading songs for the first time, and feeling heat the very first time.

In the presence, she felt overwhelmed with euphoria Within a rather short span of time, she rapidly became absolutely addicted to him and came to rely on him in order to feel alive. Then, Ayano saw something terrible it had been a new lady who clearly had deep thoughts for Senpai. If Senpai joined a relationship with this woman, then Ayano might lose him permanently Without a second’s hesitation, Ayano knew exactly what needed to be done. This girl – her rival – had to be eradicated asap, at all needed, regardless of what the fee.

In the first intro cutscene, Ayano appeared to have feelings, and was not such a possible criminal; she had been coaxed into it by Info-chan and ended up being anxious for the concept of killing another individual. She ended up being merely a lovesick schoolgirl just who wished a boyfriend. She did not even appear to start thinking about killing Osana before Info-chan brought it up.

This character, nevertheless, is outdated and it is stated by YandereDev himself it does not precisely characterize her real nature. Into the second intro, Ayano is rather very emotionless, apathetic, and talks with a deadpan expression. She would do anything to prevent people from obtaining Senpai, even though it meant killing all of them.

Ayano suffers from a fictional sort of insanity. She was in fact this way since dating back to she could remember, [17] before meeting Taro Yamada, Senpai, for the first time. Ayano doesn’t always have the capacity to feel feelings, empathy, or remorse.

She does not feel shame or pity for damaging others. Ayano’s behavior will not perfectly match the concept of either a sociopath or psychopath, but she actually is with the capacity of activities that only a psychopath would give consideration to taking–being frequently bold and egotistical.

Ayano’s “hobby” is trying to persuade every person around her that she is a standard girl with typical feelings. She buys manga , plays video gaming , and trips a bike to project the picture of a typical college woman. However, she doesn’t enjoy some of it. Overall, Ayano is a blank record whose personality is dependent upon the gamer’s activities and choices, but all players possess capacity to dedicate all the possible activities in the game.

At the start of the game, Ayano is extremely poor as she has maybe not honed any skills. Nevertheless, she has lots of endurance as she can operate indefinitely and it is quicker than many other students.

She comes with the power to take down an everyday pupil within one hit and move heavy dumpsters , which may be filled with garbage and corpses , without getting tired. At the time of the April 26, develop containing the delinquents , Ayano may use a hand-to-hand combat system to fight in a one-on-one duel aided by the delinquents or potentially a rival.

Ayano will not have any supernatural powers apart from Yandere Vision, but also then her Yandere Vision is essentially only keen sensory faculties. As of the April fifteenth, Build, her giggle now draws the interest of other pupils, causing them to follow the sound to its origin.

At the time of the March 6th, develop, Ayano can use a mirror to adopt several different outward personas that will allow her to gain benefits from students she gels with.

She knows how to torture students for their breaking point in at least 40 hours. Ayano takes courses to master how exactly to tranquillize a student, become stronger, run much faster, defeat an instructor a capability implemented as of the August 15th, Build , and more upcoming capabilities whenever remaining portion of the classes are implemented.

If Ayano reads enough manga amounts, then she actually is able to seduce men and women or be numb enough that her sanity hardly decreases when killing students. Like other movie online game figures, Ayano currently features an unrealistically huge inventory.


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Jun 12,  · -The list area does not contain the title research for the surface (except Yandere Chan’s Hair number, buildings and “other” parts). If you would like understand the guide of every locks, you will find the brands within the “RefName” page.-You can add only textures from online game data or edited textures by you. If you’d like to add another person’s texture you. Yandere Simulator Coloring Pages Chibi Yandere Chan by Aprict perhaps you also like Coloring pages are funny for many ages kids to produce focus, motor abilities, imagination and shade recognition. Jun 09,  · Ayano Aishi, also known as Yandere-chan and Yan-chan, could be the primary character and playable protagonist of Yandere Simulator. Her goal into the online game is always to get rid of 10 rivals who have a special fascination with her Senpai. 1 Name 2 Introductions existing Intro Old Intros First Intro 2nd Intro 3 Appearance (standard) 4 Description 5 Personality First Intro Second Intro Missing: coloring pages.

She must eradicate 10 competitors to be able to win Senpai’s heart. Yandere-chan’s official first name will either be Ayano, Ayane, or Ayana, as YandereDev wish to have her name feature “yan” in it someplace. He’s got chosen title Ayano since it has less Bing online searches. Ayano will undoubtedly be nicknamed “Yan-chan” by her classmates along with other students. Teachers will often reference her by her surname or her full name. At the beginning of the first intro, Ayano features a dream about her ideal child, who she calls her “Senpai”, after showing just how upset she’s along with her love life from her very first year of senior school.

Because of her imagination running wild, she destroyed tabs on some time finished up going off to college late that morning. She lumps into someone who seems much like the child inside her fantasies. She instantly drops deeply in love with him, declaring in her own brain that it is fate that they found. She then views him becoming scolded by his tsundere childhood buddy, Osana Najimi, and plans to get her taken care of. Ayano then fulfills a mysterious woman nicknamed ‘Info-chan’, which asked over the phone to meet her in Class She tells Ayano about the panty shot system and asks her to eliminate other pupils across the school so her magazine seels better.

Ayano features really serious doubts concerning this, she does not want to accomplish anything so horrible, but she views the theory after being told that Osana is likely to confess her love for Senpai the Friday of that week. It’s up to the gamer whether or otherwise not Ayano will devote such acts to attain her objective. This cutscene isn’t any longer in today’s game and is outdated.

But, within the August 15th, develop, there was a visionary scene. When you look at the 2nd intro, Ayano is talking to herself about her Senpai. Ayano says that she had considered no emotions after all until she met him, and today feels envious and is filled with trend towards a certain one who is wanting to take him from her.

Ayano states that she would like to eliminate stated individual, and therefore there isn’t the one thing she will not do for Senpai. Info-chan then texts Ayano, having seen her stalking Senpai.

Info-chan tells Ayano the girl’s name Osana Najimi , that she is likely to confess to him on Friday, and about the panty shot system. Following this, the 2 seemingly become allies, however friends. Ayano features fair skin and black colored tresses this is certainly tied up into a ponytail. Her eyes are dark grey. She actually is 5’4″ and weighs 95 pounds. Her tits tend to be average-sized. Her uniform is dependent on the gamer’s option. It doesn’t matter what uniform she wears, she will will have her signature black thigh-high stockings.

She may get a brand new ponytail that is similar to her current one, but rather is an original asset. If Ayano features murdered students, her uniform along with her human anatomy can be bloody. Whenever she is visibly insane, she will be hunched over, will twitch erratically, need dilated students, therefore the top half of her face has a dark shadow. In past builds, there was an Easter Egg where if she went behind the Confession Tree at the back of the school, her uniform would switch black colored and purple.

It was eliminated after being reported countless times as a “bug”. Her appearance can also be altered by modifying the online streaming assets folder. She can get different hairstyles by pressing the H key. She can additionally be given eye-wear accessories utilising the P secret and random miscellaneous add-ons using the O secret.

This woman is referred to as “Yandere-chan” to players associated with the game, and has been given the precious nickname “Yan-chan” by her classmates. Since very early youth, Ayano features suffered from an inexplicable, incurable condition. In a nutshell, this condition makes her with a perpetual sense of becoming empty, hollow, and incomplete. As a result, she’s got never ever been able to see satisfaction, satisfaction, or delight, and has perhaps not been able to have emotions in identical capability as other people.

As she grew older, she discovered to imagine is a standard person to avoid drawing bad interest from others, but ended up being never ever in a position to feel any degree of empathy towards other people. In the first-day of her second 12 months of twelfth grade, Ayano came into actual connection with “Senpai”. For the reason that minute, she gained the capability to experience precisely what have been lacking from her life; she felt total, she thought fulfilled, she felt powerful feelings. Meeting Senpai had been like witnessing color for the first time, hearing songs for the first time, and feeling warmth the very first time.

Inside the presence, she felt overwhelmed with euphoria Within a really short-span period, she rapidly became absolutely hooked on him, and came to count on him so that you can feel alive. Then, Ayano saw one thing terrible it absolutely was it had been a new girl whom clearly had deep thoughts for Senpai. If Senpai entered a relationship with this specific woman, then Ayano might lose him forever Without an instant’s hesitation, Ayano understood just what had to be done.

This girl – her rival – must be eradicated asap, at all needed, no matter what the fee. Ayano is, as her nickname indicates, a yandere; someone who will go to virtually any lengths, even murder, for their love. She suffers from a fictional style of insanity.

Her behavior will not perfectly match the concept of either a sociopath or psychopath, but she’s effective at actions that only a psychopath would think about taking. In the first intro, Ayano was not inherently a yandere; she ended up being persuaded into it by Info-chan, and ended up being anxious associated with the notion of killing someone else.

She was just a lovesick schoolgirl just who wished to have a boyfriend. She didn’t even think about killing Osana before Info-chan brought it.

This character, nonetheless, is outdated, and it is claimed by YandereDev himself so it doesn’t precisely display Ayano’s real nature. In the 2nd intro, Ayano is rather emotionless, careless, and speaks with a deadpan expression. She have been in this manner since dating back to she could remember, before eventually meeting her Senpai for the first time.

She’d do anything to stop individuals from getting with Senpai and win their heart, regardless of if it required killing them; Ayano cannot feel emotions, empathy, or remorse. She doesn’t feel bad or shameful on her behalf activities. She understands that the general individuals think about this to be “wrong”, but she doesn’t care. Overall, Ayano is a clear canvas whose character is determined by the ball player’s activities and choices, but every Ayano has the ability to dedicate each one of the feasible activities within the game.

Ayano’s “hobby” is wanting to persuade everybody else around her that she actually is just a standard schoolgirl. She acquisitions and reads manga, plays game titles, and rides a bike to offer off the picture of an ordinary girl. But, she does not enjoy any of these things. She isn’t very talkative by default and will only speak when it is needed. If Yandere-kun is previously implemented, there could be differences between his and Ayano’s characterizations. Yandere-kun will be characterized as sadistic and possessive.

Their life will be given definition through his obsession with Senpai. Yandere-kun would view eliminating their rivals as a game, with every rival being an enemy that really must be eradicated.

At the start of Yandere Simulator , Ayano is quite weak, as she’s got not learned any abilities. Nevertheless, Ayano apparently features an incredible amount of stamina, as she will operate indefinitely and is much faster than many of the various other pupils.

She also has the power to defeat a student in a single hit and move heavy dumpsters, which can be filled with rubbish and a corpse, without getting exhausted. If Ayano reads enough manga, then she’ll manage to seduce both men and women, or come to be numb enough that her sanity barely decreases after all whenever killing numerous students. She can also simply take courses to learn how exactly to tranquilize a student, become stronger, run even faster, defeat a teacher, and more upcoming abilities whenever other countries in the courses tend to be implemented.

Ayano somehow knows how to torture students to the stage of them becoming mindbroken in at least 40 hours. Because of the end for the online game, Ayano are going to be excessively powerful and overpowered, as she’s got unlocked every ability that is available to her. Due to this, only a yandere girl with supernatural abilities could beat Ayano at this time.

Ayano will be able to kill just about any NPC that she results in. But, there may be some exceptions to the. Whenever authorities tend to be included, Ayano will not be able to destroy all of them because if they began dying then your school would need to be closed. Like the majority of various other video game characters, Ayano presently has actually an unrealistically huge stock. Although she will just hide three weapons, she can however simultaneously tote around fifteen manga novels, twelve cassette tapes, a bottle of tranquilizer, a response sheet, a bottle of poison, Saki Miyu ‘s bra, a modified uniform, a pack of cigarettes, her phone, and records.

YandereDev has stated that it is one among those gaming instances where some products use up space as well as others don’t really matter. The ball player will eventually be able to view her inventory. Ayano is very impressive because when a yandere has someone of the interest which they must protect, they’re going to be with the capacity of almost anything.

She’s going to not have any supernatural powers apart from Yandere Vision, but even then her Yandere Vision is actually just keen senses. At the time of the April 15th, Build, Ayano’s giggle now draws the interest of various other pupils, causing them to check out the sound to its resource.

As of the August fifteenth, develop, Ayano are now able to kill instructors. In Summer , YandereDev pitched the thought of incorporating Yakuza -style hand-to-hand combat with all the competitors in the future and last game, but the concept had been shot down after which scrapped.

But, YandereDev still thinks that a hand-to-hand combat system might have a proper devote Yandere Simulator if the player decide on an elimination technique that would cause an one-on-one duel with a rival. Just a couple of days before Yandere Simulator begins, Ayano meets Senpai along with her principles be entirely led by the goal of winning his heart and making him hers.

YandereDev has reported that Ayano is an individual who has never taken someone’s life or harmed anybody before fulfilling her Senpai. For instance, Ayano attempted to see whether she could encounter any kind of pleasure by killing insects.

Whenever she discovered that killing bugs did absolutely nothing to deliver her pleasure, she chose to never experiment on creatures, nonetheless it came to the exact same summary.

This backstory was later on somewhat modified to advise the alternative of Ayano killing a pet rather than a few pests, but this backstory finished with similar results.

Therefore, Ayano doesn’t eliminate something for enjoyable.