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Sign bait is now also more powerful! This is basically the 3rd type of the deck which has spear goblins rather than the ice nature! This adds to the baity aspect and will easily present more damage on offense and on protection. The purpose of this deck is to bait aside your opponents means so your goblin barrel is able to do injury to their particular towers. If they log certainly not the barrel, you are almost always guaranteed damage. Even though they log the barrel, pressing really hard with knight and goblin gang or spear goblins forces all of them to react.

The princess is really good because she can protect your entire side of the arena and be quite difficult for an opponent to deal with. When the tower is low enough, play defense and rocket period when it comes to triumph! The princess is a very good field control card. She has unbelievable range and may cover you entire half of the arena. Using tornado and princess makes it possible to target numerous soldiers and deal a lot of damage to supporting cards.

Dropping down a princess during the bridge is an excellent option to get low priced processor chip shots down as well. She’s the victim of spells, therefore having her on the map is irritating and will often lead to your opponents spelling her down, consequently providing you with the chance to penalize aided by the goblin barrel or knight and goblin gang.

The log is great due to little squishy troops various other sign bait porches, as well as other porches overall. Utilize the sign to protect your soldiers or even help you on offense.

If you know your opponent features squishy troops like goblins or skeletons to protect your barrel, play the barrel quick and throw along the sign after. This may lead their soldiers to obtain damaged because of the sign. The goblin barrel could be the card that deals plenty of harm.

Make use of your various other baity cards to force aside means and deal lots of harm utilizing the goblin barrel. The tornado is fantastic at taking soldiers collectively for your princess to snipe down. The tornado can also be used to trigger the master tower whenever playing against tanky soldiers, as well as various other goblin barrels. You may want to deliver three musketeers all into the exact same lane or pull troops away from your offensive push!

The rocket could be the finishing blow. Once you’ve chipped their tower into rocket range, play solid protection and simply win! utilize rocket to attack elixir collectors. The rocket also needs to be used to gain amazing value by targeting soldiers that are near opponent towers. The goblin group is a differnt one of one’s bait cards. They’ll usually be focused by a spell, however, if maybe not, they deal a lot of harm and that can single-handedly end many soldiers in the game.

They are also good at surrounding soldiers or distracting them for quite some time. The spear goblins add a much more baity aspect to the deck. In addition they help on offense and defense due to their quick attacking capabilities. Additionally they target air, which will help out against environment soldiers.

You are able to drop all of them down at the bridge for a few easy damage. The knight could be the core associated with deck. He is excellent on offense and defense.

Play him behind big pushes to shut down promoting cards. He is also really tanky, which will be good-for supporting the goblin barrel. In the event that barrel had been spelled down, a knight push with spear goblins or goblin group is very good as well.

In the early online game, make certain you don’t over increase on pushes. Just throw out goblin barrels solo and attempt and get chip damage, along with play the princess when you look at the back and protect. In the event your opponent over commits on means, its ok to counter tough. Shut down collectors and make use of rocket if they offer you value. You will have so much elixir and will also be able to use constant unpleasant and defensive force. Keep on defending with knight and going on offense with all the barrel.

If they ever misuse the spell, plunge all in with a deep barrel, knight, and goblin gang push. People Clans. Advanced search. Step one Launch Clash Royale and tap your name. Step 2 Copy your Player Tag by tapping it using your title. Step 3 Paste your Player Tag into the search area and click the Research button.

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Wood bait clash royale.Clash Royale Deck Guide – Wood Bait Cycle Deck!

Most of the Clash Royale card information you need within one location. Card stats, counters, synergies, most useful porches and even more. Sign Bait | Clash Royale porches, card stats, counters, synergies. Jun 17,  · MOST ANNOYING LOG BAIT DECK — Clash Royale SirTagCR 1h. Avg Elixir. Avg Elixir Shortest Pattern. 4-Card Cycle Prince Furnace Log Bait Pattern ELIXIR! NEW BEST CYCLE DECK in CLASH ROYALE! 1d 1h. NERF THE NOW! MIRROR GOBLIN DRILL DECK BROKE THE VIDEO GAME! — Clash Royale 2d 1h. Might 25,  · Log Bait Meta Deck listings May 25, – Updated view of the best Clash Royale Meta Decks.

Because the name for the deck recommended, this might be a deck that’s been around for quite a long time, whilst still being viable to those times, much like 2. This deck get one of the very sturdy defense.

If you want to relax and play defensively and winning by slowly chipping your opponents Tower down, Log bait may be the deck for your needs. With that in mind, Gang and Princess tend to be more than capable becoming a powerful offense device in particular circumstances. All the other spells is dodge by some of these placements. Barrel during the external spot whether they have Tornado.

This is certainly more difficult to allow them to trigger King Tower. Placements 4 tiles from the lake and 1 tile through the center to the side where these soldiers tend to be approaching is necessary to attract all of them or even the positioning. In single elixir time, you would desire to determine what deck they truly are and a lot of significantly, what spells these are generally running. To spot a deck, see right here.

Never ever overcommit on offense during this period. You need constantly ensure adequate elixir in hand for a Inferno Tower, in addition to having Gang or Knight at hand for surface defence. Constantly chipping with Barrel and Ice Spirit, and sporadically Princess during the connection is preferred.

Losing a Tower as Log bait is a demise sentence. Like Graveyard, Log bait is certainly not great at two Towers games. Defence always come before offense, as you have benefit at spell pattern against most porches.

Most of your focus should still be to guard along with possible unless you know that they could execute your Tower with enchantment before overtime. Alternatively, you could Rocket their particular Tower inturn to obtain the harm lead. Rocket cycle and safeguard as you do in double elixir. Could also attempt hiding your Barrel behind Rocket. This deck is fairly F2P, as most cards are normal and those that aren’t aren’t really that level reliant.

Goblin Barrel. Barrel are countered by a Zap 1 degree above, which will make your game incredibly tough if that is the situation. Maxing Barrel initially also provides an advantage, as Goblins 1 degree above the Princess Tower will take it 3 chance to destroy, indicating should your opponent ignores it, it should be far more punishing.

Goblin Gang. Comparable reason to Barrel, but getting your Gang Zapped on defense is damaging. It’s a standard, and this should really be what you’re requesting first. Levelling up a Rocket is very rewarding, because it have quite high base harm. It’s also good to get it levelled, so against X-Bow and Sparky matchup you’ll rely on it and not needing a lot of extra card and elixir spent to counter them. Yourself I would suggest Knight. Having an excellent defence is the floor of Log bait, thus I think Knight is greater concern.

Inferno Tower. If it is too low levelled, might be take out by a Lightning immediately, which is devastating to your defence. There is certainly a tons of substitution regarding the Wikia, and really many of them are viable. There is now 2 more cards that bait Log — Prince and Rascals. As Rascal kid have far more health and Rascal girls can bait log in defence, these are typically great at protecting and then tanking for a Barrel. Prince is currently the DPS against weightier tanks, the payback for compromising a building is gaining a much more threatening counter attack, since the Prince Barrel combination is extremely efficient as soon as your adversary is low on elixir.

Dart Goblin have much higher DPS and move speed, meaning it will gain price faster but also re-locate of your region of the board quicker, unlike Princess just who theoretically gains limitless price if perhaps not countered. This deck is significantly weaker against heavy porches that have light removals, as the environment counters are a lot less trustworthy both Rascals and Dart Goblin is spelled down.

As a somewhat F2P deck this is certainly defensive heavy, this deck does not have the best reputation. Still, people plays it because it is fun, skill centered and have a lot of great matchups. Tricking people who have a juke Barrel is amongst the most useful experiences in CR, also to this day.

I extremely suggest you to try this deck out for those who have a number of the crucial cards currently levelled. If you want to find out about protective placement, elixir management and timing for offense and defence, undoubtedly provide this deck a spin on ladder or perhaps in Vintage Challenges.

Enjoy clashing! You might find the design distinctive from my earlier guides. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Check in do not have an account? Start a Wiki. Battle Decks Checklist Random Deck. Groups :. Universal Conquest Wiki.