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The difficulty about Valkyrie Crusade self. I am playing this game for a long while now. I have look over comments right here, the reason why VC is a dying game as of this moment and I also imagine i could provide you with a solid answer right there. Earlier in the past, the System ended up being as if you defeat an Archwitch – the greater damage you price, the greater points you obtain. You had been capable of getting Points from a lv1 Archwitch, you you dealt 1mio.

Damage and you had been happy about this. These days it’s like: you may be fighting a lv. Damage to her, but hey. If you got one of several exclusive Hunters, you can get 10 times more things then all of those other players. It simply costs maybe Jewels. If you don’t need await having this amount, just spend. Perhaps you have the opportunity to go into best of Oh wait, they eliminated getting things fron Archwitch search, silly me, we forgot. After which, there clearly was Demon Realm. I mean It really is a mode, that tells you to definitely play with just one factor for 2 Weeks.

And I guess, it’s not really worth the hope to maybe get 8 rounds skipped, to deal perhaps 20k damage, because you got no damage boost from your own products. But hey, there is also a pack, you can purchase for 1. unfortuitously I’ve currently tested it out, by maxing the spells in addition to levels of each one of the 5. The very fact , they are specified to their elements just make it worse.

You will need 2 or more LR per device of this right factor, except these devices have some heavily overpowered spells, to own to be able to make it through advanced, otherwise the probabilities are in fact pretty bad. And why do Premium passes however price jewels?

The likelihood of getting something useful had been never truly great and you’re also capable of getting these free-of-charge every 8 hours. All in a single I just wanna state, in past times this game didn’t believe most of a pay2win enjoy it is today. The costs are option to high for the low number of worth. You did not get one? Save money, maybe you’ll get one by now. In addition does not feel winning any longer, in the event that you really conquer among the stronger employers.

For instance extreme mode Tower Event it just feels like: “hm. I eventually perform this video game long enough getting thorugh this stage. We agree it’s become method to paywin. And there are a lot of cards and not sufficient inventory area. I’ve complete porches and cards in my own storage space but i can not do anything with them since there’s not a way in my situation to inform which cards are good or perhaps not so anything GUR or more is hoarded until I’m able to result in the amount of time in my life to stay down and make use of the fandom WIKI to sort them.

It could be great if tier ranks were expanded too. The overall game feels like a money pit. Unfortuitously, the thing that irks me personally is inventory room therefore the fact I’m able to barely break through the ranks if we play seriously and stored up enough Rods and footwear regarding the fundamental occasions.

But wait, the good stuff not goes at that point. Now you’ve surely got to reach the s. My average for all your events is early 3,s ranks From the limited oh-so-rare DC packages, to the unforgiving ranking sistem If you want to get any such thing meaningful through the occasion anyways. Ofc if spent money a number of the dilemmas of RNG kinda goes away completely, because you can simply buy another pole or orb.

When a new mode or enemy comes up, many skills or groups becomes outdated. There are lots of, MANY cards with obsolete skills, as soon as a new rareness or development occurs, lower rarities becomes less useful SR used to be the highest rareness, now they are worthless. Same with URs, except with some abilities, many tend to be useless at this time. Everything below 50 usd is virtually maybe not worth it Unless you just need some consumables like rods.

Getting everything helpful like regular packs, level structures or roll the gacha you will need to spend a lot of income before it is useful adequate. You will need way too many jewels to move, considering exactly how low would be the prices. And lots of, many more. Tbh as F2P you CAN do a lot of things, nevertheless the problem is that the overall game seems pretty unrewarding as a whole, and also if you catch up in the meta, any such thing new is more or less going to indicate “Well, gotta do the work once again”.

At this point they may be just dragging the video game. The game was constantly pay to win. Almost every gacha online game is, though the point multiplier cards are a bit more transparent than many gacha games. But I really believe the game is becoming more free player friendly. Mainly down because, you realize, scholar and life.

And there is no AW likeability club. And I also could only get it done through the extensive help of my friendly alliance mates. I actually do enjoy just how accessible SRs and URs are actually. It allows newer players to obtain on their own two feet far faster. New people have actually a means much better time. There was clearly no novices dungeon for me personally. I became lucky to participate once the SR seashore Jodie or whatever had been given out. And occasion ranking? It had been means worse in the past. The point boosting cards nonetheless been around.

Except the rewards for any level below T or so were shit. Like 2 swords and 3 shoes and reasonably limited solution for ranking at the very least today the rewards also to T are decent. While the events actually drop half good things. Therefore I can be happy with my rank as much as you receive a LOT much more jewels from numerous occasions and bonuses now. We now have jewels, all no-cost. That would be impossible for me just a couple of years ago.

Special events just offer you easy LRs occasionally. I recently began once more like two weeks ago. I personally truly love tower events. Whenever my squads were obliterated in advanced i possibly could view it had been a whole different monster. Alternatively, i’ve a 1 / 2 decent fire squad, a stun squad utilizing the event SR I got from LR opportunity and LR Shion, and a mono dark squad that, if it can proc change skip on turn 1, can typically win because LR Fenrir and Blue Surtr can destroy almost anything from then on guard falls.

And, such as the tower, I can hit on 5 intermediates in minutes, then be great for 4 hours. The demon realms virtually guarantee you a GLR for only performing advanced every 4 hours once or twice. Though the XLR is a different sort of tale. You then battle it. Repeat this 18 times then wait about 4. Except this whole workout takes half an hour or higher. You obtain a lot fewer benefits too. Together with majority of them tend to be R or N junk. And even though, yes, we skip those activities a bit, primarily because there were SR point boosting cards and also you could just save guaranteed SR tickets and advanced tickets to get all of them and rank highly, those types of events were time intensive.

Individuals are hectic. The new activities are far more conducive compared to that.


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All that money we used on this cards But all things considered i obtained the best card:) I will never drop an individual penny on this game once more. (But on various other games:P). A group of Legendary Rare cards can make a person exceptionally competent. They’re usually gotten from Summons or Ranking benefits. All LR cards may also provide Custom Skills. Passion. Wise Oracle. True Victoria. God Scheherazade. Tamiel. Simon States. Valkyrie Crusade is an innovative new online game that combines collectible card struggling with strategic city/base building for a multifaceted video gaming experience. Your ultimate goal is to build-up your kingdom and gather sources, while at precisely the same time collecting cards and enhancing them through different practices, such advancement and amalgamation, then battling Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins.

Many unique cards can be obtained also through other techniques such as for example Sacred Treasure benefits from dueling and from limited-time activities. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Check in Don’t have a merchant account? Start a Wiki. Martial Artist Old. Delivery Girl. Bullet Woman. Cait Sith. Minimal Chicken. Sword Master. Kung-Fu Master Old. Phantom Thief. Farmer Old. Devil Hunter. Pub Girl. Dragon Master. Rose Knight. Black Cat. Angel of appreciate. Dragonewt Old. Jiang Shi. High Pixie. Kung-Fu Master.

Martial Artist. Casino Waitress. Ninjya Dealer. Lady Tiger. Penguin Woman. Somersault Girl. Peter Pan. Party Popper. Gate-keeper. Demon Twins. Candy Apple. Home Run. Red Dragon. Fortunate Cat. Juice Package. Balloon Musician. Queen of Fire. Demise Lord. Sumo Wrestler. Gold Demon. Flag Woman. Woodland Guide. Red Wings. Red Pw Part. Doggy Detective. Monkey Master. Sun Jian. Mika In Training. Red Crown. Red Tone. Red Grimoire. Rune Knight Old. Sleepy Bear.

Detective Old. Mermaid Princess. Dogsled Woman. Iron Maiden. Certified Diver. Weapon Master. Sylph Old. Queen of Ice. Vampire Hunter. Fox Spirit. Assistant Loid. Star Reader. Fox Spirit Old. Snow Mage. Paper Master. Skiing Patroller. Aqua Knight. Vampire Hunter Old. Time Patrol. Rune Knight. Speed Queen. Rocket Punch. Bat Babe. Ghost Ship. Conch Angel. Table-Tennis Girl. Spirit Tortoise. Gae Bulg. The Poor.

White Cat. Woodland Maiden. Queen Mother. Gold Demon. Dental Fairy. Element Collector. Blue Wings. Blue Pw Section. Lil’ Wings. Blue Crown. Blue Tone. Blue Grimoire. Primed Hades.