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USB Redirector Technician Edition software program is created for professionals who provide remote USB product maintenance solutions such as for instance pulsating, fixing or configuring smartphones, printers, modems, CNC controllers; or do remote vehicle diagnostics along with other services via USB adapter.

This program redirects consumer’s USB products to specialist, hence enabling doing any kind of remote service. Redirected device seems like it was plugged directly into professional’s computer system.

The included customer-side application Consumer Module provides a straightforward intuitive interface and will not need installation. It may be freely distributed to consumers, permitting them reroute their particular USB products for upkeep.

You can expect licenses with month-to-month and annual registration plans. A single permit could be activated on several computers. Each license enables servicing a certain quantity of clients at precisely the same time. We offer many options with different amount of clients. The program allows redirecting up to 3 USB products simultaneously per client. Customer Module is free and may be easily distributed to customers allowing them reroute their particular USB products to professional.

Permit cost depends upon registration plan and wide range of clients you want to service. Please look at the Purchasing web page for details. Install Free Trial Fully-functional during 15 times.


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Usb Redirector Free Customer Module It is sold with a totally free client component that can be distributed to your customers. The Customer Module helps people to reroute their USB products to technician for servicing. It offers an easy intuitive program and will not need installation. Jun 14,  · USB Redirector allows using shared USB devices remotely on any computer in a LAN, WLAN or Web, as though these are generally attached to this PC right. USB Redirector Subcategory: Remote Access. USB Redirector Share USB devices over LAN or Web. Item Version ; launch Date May 26, ; Package Size MB; Trial Limitations 15 times test, redirect up to 2 devices; Supported Systems or windows 7 (SP3), Microsoft windows (SP1), Windows Vista, Microsoft windows , Windows 7, Windows R2, Windows 8, Windows , Microsoft windows , Microsoft windows R2, Windows 10, Windows , .

Usb Redirector 1. This system was created because of the goal of remote servicing in your mind. You can use it to service printes, smart phones, 3G modems, embedded devices or just about any other USB devices that support maintaining over USB cable.

Is sold with a free client module, an easy-to-use lightweight application that works regarding the customers part and redirects USB devices to technician. We could incorporate your target into the program as well, to ensure that customers don’t need to enter it everytime they need to program their unit.

We highly recommend to utilize this chance to make sure the program completely fits your needs before purchasing a license. This can allow contacts from Internet to feed to your pc, as all routers stop them by standard. This process is significantly diffent for each router model, therefore please relate to the router manual or Bing for guidelines about how to do it.

Basically, you have to forth contacts coming at TCP interface quantity into the same TCP interface number on your desktop. More over, public hotspots and several of 3G4G contacts are restricted in what you certainly can do with them and will not enable port forwarding. You ought to purchase a license for every of this technician computers, where USB devices is rerouted to for servicing.

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