Understanding tencent folder in android.My Files > Internal Storage > tencent > beacon > meta.dat


What’s tencent folder in android.


Tencent Named Folder in My File management – Android.Can we delete the Tencent folder in my Android os? – Quora


Why do we have Tencent QQ app logs during my phone? Sep 22, Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 22, Abhi Dahiya , Sep 22, : From last times unexpectedly out of nowhere i see a fresh Tencent folder in my own phone. Tencent could be the business which makes WeChat and QQ, both Chinese messaging apps, evidently they collect lots of data and allow Chinese government watch what you send through all of them.

The thing I’m wondering though is the reason why log data from it take my phone whenever I have not set up this computer software? No Tencent application whatsoever. And also the only application that i installed recently is formal Facebook application from Playstore.

All stock. Jelly Bean Sep 22, Abhi Dahiya , Sep 22, :. Donut Sep 22, Froyo Sep 22, NavinThomsy , Sep 22, :. Eclair Sep 22, Deactivated consumer , Sep 22, : Apologies, this post is erased by author. Lollipop Sep 22, Honeycomb Sep 22, Abhi Dahiya likes this. Gingerbread Sep 22, Donut May 6, Ransomsumit , might 6, : i believe oneplus has introduced a cleaning feature in file manager, which can be introduced by tencent.

It’s hard to trust tencent , currently there clearly was a petition becoming filled by many people to make oneplus to remove it. SmitSparky likes this. Gingerbread May 6, Jelly Bean might 6, MarkLR , May 6, :. Ransomsumit , May 6, :.

Marshmallow might 6, Honeycomb Jun 12, Tcat , Jun 12, : We have this folder and logs. It really is from my webcams app hicam. I think it’s just logs of cameras chatting with software, but there must be an approach to switch it off!

If We switch off storage permission, logs end, but so does link with my cameras. You have to log in or join to respond here. Show Ignored Information. Your title or email: would you curently have a merchant account? No, generate a merchant account today. Yes, my code is: Forgot your password? Remain up to date from the latest with this official Community app. Why don’t we Go No, thanks. Community Highlight Contests.

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Understanding tencent folder in android.Why do we have Tencent QQ app logs within my phone? Spyware? – OnePlus Community

No, I prefer only a chinese software named Beauty Cam. 1. degree 1. Comment eliminated by moderator one year ago. amount 2. [deleted] one year ago. Which most likely does nothing since that folder is . Jun 12,  · Ice Cream Sandwich From last times suddenly out of nowhere i see a new Tencent folder within my phone. Tencent could be the business which makes WeChat and QQ, both Chinese messaging apps, evidently they gather lots of data and let the Chinese government monitor what you send through all of them. Apr 22,  · Nov 26, 7. 0. Dec 5, at PM. number 3. Ibuprophen stated: i’ve never ever seen nor heard of this before but, I believe, listed here information will allow you to recognize this From the things I will find, this may/might be associated with the following package title: ss.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 release day ended up being April Features and Specs feature a 5. Are you ready for the Galaxy S20? Listed here is every thing we all know thus far! Shotgun84 Extreme Android Os Consumer. Tencent is ironically a Chinese designer. The English ones if you could see Tencent.

Therefore it is positively one thing you’ve put in to ensure that folder’s deleteable. Maybe start every software up after one by one and check after every. When it reappears that’s the culprit. MomoTheKitten Lurker. We never googled though. Start up PlayStore where you receive your apps from and then search Tencent. You will get plenty of results so see when you yourself have some of all of them.

Anyway when I stated earlier. Erase the folder then one after another open per software on your own phone. Check to see if the folder has actually recreated itself after each one. Once it is recreated itself then that’s the culprit. Sorry but there’s so many of them. When you have a tencent file in your phone then it means you’ve downloaded an app from tencent, ie, this is exactly why the folder’s there. Anywho over and out. Hey all Lets just say that i, erase the damned folder and its particular file any opportunity that i view it Samsung Galaxy S6 Forum.

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