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All unverified reports are deleted within 72 hours. Cart 0. My Account. Home Comedians Tourettes Man Soundboard. Tourettes Man Soundboard. Tourette guy Aspergers syndrome tics Tourettes guy soundboard Corprolalia. The world-wide-web sensation Tourettes Guy can’t stop swearing, within the drive thru, from the phone and over life’s little lumps into the road.

Go count your cock. Mind and arms. My Grandpa Died. I stated bacon and eggs. Whom wrinkled my Randy Travis poster. Biggie Fries. Go touch their dick. Walked in to get specs. Fashion Bug. I really like you. Manager labeled as myself a dumbass. I would eliminate myself also. Jolly pirate Donuts. Is it possible to do myself a large favor. Pickles 1. Pickles 2.

Shut up. Two Cheeseburgers. Wheres my glasses. Wheres the report bath towel. Without your balls. Response the damn phone. Share Tourettes Man Soundboard:. Relevant Panels: Tourettes Man Soundboard 2. John Madden Impersonator. Funniest words in Comedy. Beavis and Butthead – sound films.

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The net feeling Tourettes man can not stop swearing, within the drive thru, regarding the phone and over life’s small bumps when you look at the roadway. Wheres the paper bath towel. Without your balls. Yeah. Solution the damn phone. Share Tourettes Man Soundboard: Related Boards: Tourettes Guy Soundboard 2. 21 Tracks Views. John Madden Impersonator. Feb 23,  · Paper Towels Tourettes Guy GIF SD GIF HD GIF MP4. CAPTION. hagtastic. Share to iMessage. Share to Facebook. Share to Twitter. Share to Reddit. Share to Pinterest. Share to Tumblr. Copy backlink to clipboard. Copy embed to clipboard. Report. Paper Towels. Tourettes Man. Theure Over Right Here Dad. In This Bag. Looking Around. Jul 24,  · Tourettes Guy- Paper Towels – YouTube Danny states one of his most well-known lines whenever their child accidentally strikes him in the bread-basket with some paper towels. Danny claims one of his many .

Danny’s boy is a main character and periodic antagonist in The Tourettes Guy. He is portrayed by actor Anthony L. Six may be the cousin of show creator and cameraman Jared Six and other celebrity Shirlena Six, who plays the part of Danny’s ex-wife Shirlena.

Very little of Danny’s Son is shown, despite becoming the second-most consistent character within the show, but their look has been evident in some attacks. He’s of thin create with blue-eyes, often seen putting on a blue T-shirt and a short buzz slice. Other circumstances see him in a black T-shirt and a black sweatshirt. Danny’s child is very enthusiastic, but can come to be irate when Danny is around. His child disagrees about this observance, and after a moment of back-and-forth arguing, Danny’s Son tells his parent to “shut up”.

Danny grounds his child, perhaps not because he had retorted to their parent with an attitude, but merely for him not agreeing with Danny that the garbage disposal had certainly sounded like the defecating Wookiee. After much disapproval, Danny’s Son calls out his dad’s behavior in an unusual declaration of rebellion. Danny , with one hand from the phone and a beer into the other, is sitting in front of a door talking with an unspecified character. The situation goes awry when Danny starts to yell, ” have you been shitting myself?

Danny drunkenly hits his go to a few of the doorways and rolls it around. As he can focus, he says to his son that is off display, “Why right make like a banana, and shit? Danny sometimes appears in the restroom cleaning their teeth as well as chances together with his reflection. His boy knocks regarding the door numerous times, permitting the Tourettes Guy understand of a significant telephone call.

Nonetheless, Danny is simply too trained on his teeth to pay attention to the menial call. Claiming that he has balls, he finishes brushing their teeth and leaves after informing down their expression. Danny is reorganizing the contents of their refrigerator. Wondering at what he finds, his boy goes into the room asking when they can buy some Cap’n Crunch cereal. Danny diminishes with a short rush of insults, but their son challenges his choice, claiming his father stated otherwise your day prior to.

Danny nullifies their boy’s instance, alleging that he made no personal connection yesterday and was at fact defecating inside the car. Danny’s Son enters the area yet again. He asks their father if there is any eggnog kept in the ice box, which Danny replies that only his boy’s mom could understand. His child then finds a white material on the ground that Danny affirms is their “ass”. A frantic Danny interrupts a hangout together with boy along with his buddies.

The Tourettes Guy requires to understand which for the teenagers crumpled their poster of singer-songwriter Randy Travis and soiled on the chair of and hid away the keys to their vehicle. Danny’s Son claims to not have vandalized his dad’s belongings. Danny actually leaves in a fit of trend as their boy and his friends laugh after him. Danny reaches the living area dining table starting the day with a bowl of corn cereal, a warm drink, and a newspaper.

Their moment of peace is disrupted when a loud crash ensues. Annoyed, the Tourettes Guy asks “what the hell” made the noise. A panicked friend of their son screams that his child fell down the stairs, which Danny commands to “quit it! In an unusual and cooperative tone, Danny is playing a-game with a pal and requires a favor of him. He describes that their boy decided to go to a cannery and purchased some instances of pickles, but too much to keep at his residence.

Puzzled, their friend requires how many cases he desires to store. Danny offers a harsh estimate of thirty cases and his buddy, shocked, refrains regarding the possibility regarding the basis that his house “is gonna odor like pickles”. Into the cellar, Danny is observed doing a bench press as their boy places him. They look like in the center of a conversation concerning actor Brent Spiner, whom Danny reminds to their son played the type Data from the science-fiction series Star Trek: The Next Generation.

His memory refreshed, Danny’s Son ponders exactly what the Spiner is so far that the tv show concluded. The Tourettes Guy proclaims that Spiner is probably “getting fucked when you look at the butt! Surprised and irked, Danny yells with vulgar language and states he “can’t see shit! Danny is found is his armchair, the visitor of another interview.

He discusses their love for his grandmother Jenelle and sends her his blessings, it is angered over her high age. Next, he declares whenever he satisfies Jesus in heaven after their death, he will say in exasperation “shit”. Then he stories the physical cost that comes to altering their clocks one hour back, their butt switching “to jello”. Out of the blue, a grinding sound are heard an additional space, giving the Tourettes Guy in a frenzy. He storms into the kitchen area to investigate which his son describes is the trash disposal.

Danny states it appears associated with Star Wars personality Chewbacca defecating, imitating the Wookiee’s telephone call. This begins a powerful debate between himself and his boy whom disagrees along with his father’s statement.

Danny’s boy tosses a bowl at his father, informing him to “close up”. Danny is enflamed by his son’s misbehavior and reasons him for his disagreement. Danny’s child states “shit” over their error, which Danny, ironically, chastises. Danny returns into the meeting where in fact the interviewer promises that he heard about their recent treatment Lens Crafters eyeglasses retail. Danny pleads the truth he simply wished to collect their eyeglasses, but couldn’t do so without calling the clients when you look at the store “dicks”.

His vulgarity resulted in the manager for the shop kicking him aside, phoning Danny a “dumbass, like he is dad and shit!!!

Danny and his child return from the store, however the report towels tend to be nowhere to be found. Danny’s Son finds them along with his dad commands his boy to toss it in the way. Their boy’s faulty throw hits and injures Danny’s crotch, for which he apologizes. He deems son his son lucky, especially considering that the item being thrown perhaps not their cock was not hard. In the dinner table with his child, Danny glares during the salt shaker and knocks it over in hatred. He bites the dish, fish sticks, and recoils, yelling that they are “hard as boobs!

Danny retorts, “Fuck you!!! Danny is situated in a-deep sleep regarding the chair. His child, hopeless, tries hopelessly to wake their dad given that it’s past eight o’clock each day. Danny calls out, saying “it’s what are the results whenever Alex Trebek features a pitcure of a giraffe, inside the ass during an earthquake. In the middle of a game of share, Danny blasts his opponent, and his play tends to make no progress nonetheless.

Suddenly, the TV are heard playing the theme song to criminal activity crisis Magnum, P. After pushing their child down their hands complete with washing , he sits comfortably on the chair for his program. Danny is within the kitchen along with his boy, anxiously standing in the front of his microwave warming a dish.

Their child, off camera, is concerned there isn’t any food for eating for morning meal. Danny notes there is in reality complete cereal, of which their boy is not an admirer. Danny converts to him and asserts not to “talk shit about Total!!! Sitting in his family area, Danny is viewing a classic bout of online game program Family Feud hosted by comedian Ray Combs.

Danny’s boy chimes in perturbed that the late number took his own life. Danny agrees with the number’s decision based solely in the dissatisfaction of experiencing the surname “Combs”. Danny rants on his armchair about an untrustworthy individual called Dennis. His son walks in and Danny is appalled at his lack of an upper garment.

He explains he spilled cereal on his shirt and delivered it into the washer. The Tourettes man commands his “two-hundred pounds of bird shit” child to put a shirt on in rage. Danny’s boy explains to his parent during the table about an unspecified girl being a lesbian.

Nodding, Danny shows his materialistic approval, biting heartily into a corn dog. Danny exclaims “Oh shit! The example takes an urgent change as Danny’s son drives over a pothole, leaving the Tourettes Guy angered. They use the vehicle into the “ass-end” of a nearby chapel to examine the now-flat tire before calling a tow vehicle in defeat. Danny promises that he’s tired of some “chickenshit bullshit” and takes a sip of beer. Their boy talks about the spots on their top, asking if they’re an impression of Disney mascot Mickey Mouse.

Danny denies this and categorizes it “tit-dirt! Danny is shown throwing hits at an area bowling alley. Regardless of how successful each roll is apparently, he yells in increasing provocation. During a rant over a preacher, a fellow player reminds Danny to keep their sound to the very least. Danny’s boy affirms they are leaving soon which the player acknowledges, but continues to be stagnant at their demands silence at the benefit of women becoming present.

Danny is further irritated and sets down that we now have “ladies every where, you dumbass. Danny’s Son compliments his father’s brand new cologne. While approving of this, Danny promises only to be using it for the “bitch at chapel” and no one else. Danny pushes his son to a job interview in a dangerous section of town. As they two are waiting when you look at the break space, Danny’s child offers their dad some low-fat Twizzlers from the vending machine. Danny’s increasing fury from his child’s persistent nagging within the candy erupts whenever Danny double-hammerfists the table and yells, awakening a man close by whilst the two participate in a standoffish stare.

Later on, an irate janitor walks into the break room to get Danny and requires him if he clogged the bathroom . with an excessive amount of toilet tissue.