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Did he? Agree or disagree? Let Tom know: tom blowmeuptom. I don’t know why, but for some reason, Everyone loves hearing stories of people who blame Tom for his or her very own sorry good deal in life – mainly because Tom can be so good at skewering all of them. Classic Leykis. I’d rather reside in a trailer and enjoy my freedom then deal with this pussy for the others of my life, sheesh lmao, if only this man might have found father before he had a kid with this specific post wall surface 49er ;.

This bitch hitched an abusive loser from the get-go. SHE must have already been tge one hearing to The Professor! The P-1’s know what time its. As Tom has stated repeatedly throughout the airwaves, “women would be the cheapest creatures on earth” Which is too harmful to her, because she’s going to never hear this podcast. Additionally, observe exactly how she picked this abusive dead beat however now it really is everyone else fault, LOL.

Ok last one! Bet this woman is definately not saying just what the true tale is!! Always surprised but really should not be by now.. Maybe not her fault needless to say. What is wrong with a trailer?

SHE probably wanted him to flush their future on to overpriced stupid yuppie-condo. Possibly he’s living rent free and hyper-saving! Tom has never! You understand if he hit her, she would have sikked the police on him in which he will be into the clink maybe not a trailer!! Strong wise separate males who avoid that whole mess drive these losers nuts! Difference between being alone and becoming lonely!!!

Hearing the thing I missed aside on is a lot like candy to my ears! Boy of uh bitch Tom!!! I would like to comment on Twitter on Tara Lynn’s post, to play a role in the verification that you said numerous often times during a period of years: ‘no violence!

I start thinking about being cancelled on Twitter a badge of honor, and I also provide it in homage to your poker pussy restrict your Enthusiasm episode. That Twatter burner account got burnt!

Irrefutable evidence is out there: Any crazy bitch can go onto YouTube and pay attention to the unlimited times Tom said ‘no violence’ on their past terrestrial radio shows. However they never. We just take great pleasure in seeing this Tara bitch suffer the results of her inadequate choice in men. Cunt deserved her own demise. Fuckin’ aye Tom!!! You say things men can’t say anymore. Tara, and all sorts of the bitches like her: “Fuuuuuuuuuuck YOU!

Broads: the stunning, awful, ironic, dangerous, tragic reality of women. Many thanks Tom. Tom, we never ever had the honor of listening to your show go on During the COVID quarantine i have already been playing get caught up, playing a number of your radio classics on Youtube and I also have always been really amazed by just how great your content is.

You had been virtually performing a public-service statement across the airwaves to teenage boys. The subjects you touched on had been edgy and I love the method that you skewer the stupid bitches that labeled as in. In this hypersensitive, politically correct globe I don’t think a show of that nature could ever before be allowed regarding the airwaves these days, which explains why i will be ever more grateful for the podcast. Btw my own specialty was whenever some foolish bitch would call-in during the Open Phone Lines and start making needs about how you should do the program and you would inform her: “STFU darling, i will be the number for the show, never let me know simple tips to do the program Skip to top content.

Feb 6th, Leykis Feb. The original post on Twitter. HOUR 1. Log in or register to publish remarks opinions I do not understand why, however for some explanation, I adore hearing stories of people who blame Tom with regards to their own sorry lot in life – primarily because Tom is really so good at skewering them.

Me too, particularly when the person he is skewering is a stupid entitled sluggish bitch. Thanks for another magical event dad! Much love and value for you! Mine finished at the best birthday gift to me- a leykis ep! I experienced forgotten to include the outro songs!

Fixed it.


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Read more…. Insane bitch why killing the dude. And I also saw the face area with this cunt and is creepy unsightly psyco bitch. I’ll not bang this pussy never ever no way.

The guy is a victim if you are a pussy and time an unsightly thin cunt. Bitch is crazy!!! My ex is vegan. We better bust out a bullet evidence vest! Notice I said EX. I like exactly what she presents. She is resistant to the terrorism of human beings killing innocent pets. I am % for that. Shameful that she decides to victimize her boyfriend.

You will do recognize our stomachs are more much like carnivores than herbivores appropriate? You more quickly eat up pet services and products than you do flowers. Anyhow, I had to lease, and I had to wait until also to spend my money by purchasing an 8 devices appt complex in Bakersfield 1. No home taxation, maybe not upkeep, no gardener…. If I bought a home in the area in or before…. I would personally be home rich, but money poor whilst still being be struggling to create household repayment every month…..

We dislocated my shoulder 2 months ago…cant work for about month. I might have forfeit the house, and a lot of for the cash I had invested in the house….

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