Surah al waqia transliteration.Surah Al-Waqi’ah Arabic & Transliteration of Surah Al-Waqi’ah in Roman Script


Surah al waqia transliteration.Surah Al-Waqi’ah


Tafsir of Surah Waqiah.Surah Waqiah [56] – Translation, Transliteration, and Tafsir


The Surah talks about the unavoidable talking about resurrection and Qiyamah. It really is undeniable. With this time humans is put into three various teams. The faithful tend to be of two sorts: those who find themselves the pioneers as well as the various other the believers. The pioneers tend to be a large number from the earlier in the day communities. The believers are those just who have been faithful and advantages from their particular rewards. Last team is people who deniers and Allah will judge them consequently. Then in Surah Waqiah it attracts individuals to think about on their own and their day-to-day traditions.

Eventually it reminds us about death therefore the coming end of every being. The inevitable. Whenever we willed, We could succeed sour, why will you be maybe not grateful? Once the Occurrence takes place,. There clearly was, at its occurrence, no denial. It will probably reduce [some] and raise up [others]. Izaa rujjatil ardu rajjaa 4. When the planet earth is shaken with convulsion. Wa bussatil jibaalu bassaa 5. And the hills tend to be separated, crumbling.

And start to become dirt dispersing. Wa kuntum azwaajan salaasah 7. And you become [of] three types:. Fa as haabul maimanati maaa as haabul maimanah 8. then your companions of the correct — exactly what are the companions associated with right?

Together with companions for the remaining — what are the friends of the left? Wassaabiqoonas saabiqoon in addition to forerunners, the forerunners —. Those would be the ones brought near [to Allah]. In the Gardens of Pleasure,. Sullatum minal awwaleen A [large] organization of the previous individuals. Wa qaleelum minal aa khireen And a number of the later peoples,. On thrones woven [with ornament],. Reclining on them, dealing with one another.

There may move included in this young kids made endless. With vessels, pitchers and a cup [of wine] from a flowing springtime —. No inconvenience will they will have therefrom, nor will they be intoxicated —. Wa faakihatim mimmaa yatakhaiyaroon And good fresh fruit of what they select. Wa lahmi tairim mimmaa yashtahoon together with animal meat of fowl, from whatever they really want. And [for them are] fair females with large, [beautiful] eyes,. The likenesses of pearls well-protected,. As reward for what they I did so.

They’ll not hear therein ill address or payment of sin —. Illaa qeelan salaaman salaamaa Wa as haabul yameeni maaa as haabul Yameen The companions of the correct — what are the friends associated with the right?

Fee sidrim makhdood Wa talhim mandood And [banana] trees layered [with fruit]. Wa zillim mamdood And color extended. And water poured out. Wa faakihatin kaseerah And fruit, abundant [and varied],. Neither minimal [to season] nor forbidden,. And [upon] beds raised high. Certainly, We have produced the women of haven in a [new] creation. Making all of them virgins,. Dedicated [to their particular husbands] and of equal age,.

Li as haabil yameen For the friends for the right [who are]. Sullatum minal awwa leen a business associated with the previous individuals. Wa sullatum minal aakhireen And a company regarding the subsequent peoples. Wa as haabush shimaali maaa as haabush shimaal Fee samoominw wa hameem Wa zillim miny yahmoom And a shade of black colored smoke,. Laa baaridinw wa laa kareem Neither cool off nor beneficial.

Innaahum kaanoo qabla zaalika mutrafeen Undoubtedly they were, before that, indulging in affluence,. Plus they used to persist in the great infraction,. And our forefathers [as well]? Qul innal awwaleena wal aakhireen Are to be collected collectively when it comes to visit of a known Day. Then undoubtedly you, O those astray [who are] deniers,. La aakiloona min shaja rim min zaqqoom will likely be eating from trees of zaqqum.

And completing with it your bellies. And consuming in addition to it from scalding water. Fashaariboona shurbal heem And will drink because the ingesting of dehydrated camels. Haazaa nuzuluhum yawmad deen This is certainly their accommodation on the Day of Recompense. Nahnu khalaqnaakum falaw laa tusaddiqoon we’ve developed you, why do you realy not think? Maybe you have seen that which you give off? Could it be you which produces it, or tend to be We the Creator? Nahnu qaddarnaa baina kumul mawta wa maa nahnu bimasbooqeen we now have decreed demise among you, therefore we aren’t to be outdone.

In that We will replace your likenesses and create you in that [form] that you don’t know. Along with already known the initial creation, therefore will you not remember? And possess you seen that [seed] that you sow? Is it you which tends to make it grow, or are We the grower?

Whenever we willed, we’re able to make it [dry] debris, and you also would remain in question,.


Surah al waqia transliteration.Surah Al-Waqi’ah Arabic & Transliteration of Surah Al-Waqi’ah in Roman Script

Surah Al-Waqi’ah Arabic & Transliteration of Surah Al-Waqi’ah in Roman Script. Surah Al-Waqi’ah (The Function) 1. When the occasion (i.e. the Day of Resurrection) befalls. 2. And there might be no denying of the befalling. 3. It will bring reasonable (some); (and others) it’ll exalt; 4. When the planet is going to be shaken with a terrible shake. 5. In addition to mountains will likely be powdered to dust. 6. So that they becomes drifting dust particles. 7. Quran Surah Al Waqi’ah Transliteration. 1. Izaa waqa’atil waaqi’ah. 2. Laisa liwaq’atihaa kaazibah. 3. Khafidatur raafi’ah. 4. Izaa rujjatil ardu ted Reading Time: 2 minutes.

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