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Website: superdupergc. Personal: BlackIceTheGame twitter. Jack into cyberspace and also make hacking runs on megacorp hosts, but look out for the dangerous Black Ice protecting them! Garrett manages the signal, Christine manages the business aspect. Eric “Nonadecimal” Ford is working on a procedural pursuit motor, in addition to some fantastic hand-written tales for Black Ice. He can additionally add extra gameplay coding and optimization. James “Metkis” Hostetler is a wizard-like singer.

He developed the Black Ice logo, poster, and UI. Black Ice 0. There are a lot more pictures readily available for Super Duper Game business, however these are the ones we thought will be best to you. When you yourself have specific needs, please do contact us! You can find currently no logos or icons designed for Super Duper Game business.

Check back later on for more or e mail us for specific requests! Edward del Villar further models, cartoon, and shaders. Inquiries garrett superdupergc. Twitter twitter. Twitter twitter. Super-duper Game Company superdupergc. Collaborators Eric “Nonadecimal” Ford is taking care of a procedural quest motor, also some fantastic hand-written tales for Ebony Ice. Projects Black Ice. Contact Inquiries garrett superdupergc.


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Super-duper Publications tends to make fun, useful materials for message language pathology (SLP), autism, articulation, auditory handling, vocabulary, address treatment. Core Team. Super-duper Game Company is husband and wife duo “Super-duper” Garrett Cooper and Christine Forbus. Garrett handles the rule, Christine manages the business enterprise side. Collaborators. Eric “Nonadecimal” Ford is taking care of a procedural pursuit motor, in addition to some fantastic hand-written stories for Ebony Ice. Details: Super Duper Game Company is wife and husband duo “Super Duper” Garrett Cooper and Christine Forbus. Garrett manages the code, Christine handles business aspect. Eric “Nonadecimal” Ford is taking care of a procedural quest motor, also some great hand-written stories for Black Ice. He can additionally add additional game play super-duper games

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