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Thank you for visiting SonicEXE. The unofficial lover web site where you are able to have fun with the best online Sonic EXE games, install all of them and more! The initial Sonic. He developed the character, tales and some animations for this dark evil Sonic The Hedgehog character. The storyline is about an adolescent that plays a strange modded Computer Sonic port and encounters numerous episodes of wicked paranormal task. Because the online game came out the popularity has experienced the roofing, a lot of commotion on Youtube, art, made stories, and even more games have now been developed.

Therefore now only scroll straight down, Enjoy online, Download, and learn more about this character, Enjoy! We have done the perseverance and put together the best fan produced Sonic. These Games will perhaps not focus on cellular devices or many pills. When you have problems playing any of these games, please make sure you possess most recent type of Adobe Flash Player setup. Have a great time! They are best Fan produced. You can install them 100% free and play them on your house windows PC. Their particular tend to be a number of other Sonic.

EXE games on the market, nonetheless the majority are suprisingly low quality and simply not that good. I would like to thank GameJolt. Information and Video Walkthrough of each game below. In this game you are free to play as three figures Tails, Knuckles and Dr. Each character will end up dead.

Your thoughts will likely be messed with in this video game. Tips are played for you. You’re not fast enough. Most people are destined to die, lol. Many people hate it and some people love it, give it a try and judge it for yourself. Created by MY5TCrimson. EXE Sally.

EXE is a tremendously brief but nice Creepypasta. Pretty Scary lol. Sally is out to get her love Sonic. Attempting to follow him through this globe just isn’t a simple task. Come to discover that isn’t the Sonic that she loves.

Sally ultimately ends up getting Possessed. Which in fact is the killer here? Playing as Sonic this video game provides a lot of creepy Tails character Jump Scares.

Also one of the goriest, with blood and guts every-where. The particular level design is extremely good and fun also. If you want something longer and much more like a real Sonic Vintage Games Try Them right here but creepy, provide that one a go. Created by yesmen In Round2. EXE you get to play as Sonic and attempt to save all your friends.

Enjoy through tough levels where rings tend to be scarce to get, but traps and blood are numerous. After every level you get to fight against Sonic. EXE in which he is quite difficult, make sure you hold collecting rings.

Do you have what it requires making it through this video game? Is he really the one behind all of this insanity though? Enjoy or view the video clip to discover.

Developed by Gustavo Firmino Cazonato. Watching some youtube videos it appears to be great with several figures such as Amy, steel Sonic, Dr. Robotnik among others. Game seems like it has great fun element, level design and bloodstream. If someone handles to locate a working clean download link for it, please call us.

Go through the creepy diaries of Dr. Discover secrets that were never told. Playing as tails you are in a dungeon wondering why you are right here and exactly why you see yourself dead. Is their two tails? More info about this video game and install can be located Here! variety of cool to play through it in 3D though. To learn more and Download Here! Facebook Commentary.


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Download. for android by stas’s harbors? @Stas_ports. Follow. Overview; Comments 57 Followers Complimentary. for android #fangame #port #android #sonic #exe #platformer. Development Stage. Complete. Engine/Language. Build 2 Published On. December 28, Cartoon Violence5/5(44). 🎮 this might be a tiny cellular model of TSOH by myself (or it`s simply relax from porting NS remember on android) We have the authorization by Danuha to port this video game and employ his sprites. Engine: /5(37). Fan Website. Welcome to The unofficial fan site where you can have fun with the best online Sonic EXE games, grab all of them and much more! The original creepypasta (Web scary stories) was created by JC-The-HYena. He developed the character, tales plus some animations for this dark evil Sonic The Hedgehog personality.

Individuals, I’m not taking care of Sonic. EXE-related material for the near future. I’ve managed to move on to bigger and much better tasks, and that’s where my focus is. This video game ended up being never supposed to be a serious task, and whilst I’m glad that it’s had one Hell of a ride in the last several years, it’s the perfect time for me personally to place my work into much more committed games which are not only cheap jump-scare material.

EXE Version 7 is eventually here! This upgrade brings a number of graphical improvements, audio improvements, believe it or not a couple of ‘not-so-little’ changes towards the game world. To top it well, there are certain overall performance optimisations made to the video game’s motor to help the game play experience believe tiny bit smoother. Some old secrets still lurk, but may appear different in kind – plus some?

Could have also been changed by brand new, sinister worlds in which the impact of ‘X’ has spread. Explore , plus don’t believe for an additional that the road you’ve taken will stay the same – turn back, look out for changes.

You may well be compensated for your attempts. The game took over 3 days to whip up, and is not the full representation of my programming ability – it was just some thing we created for fun. I never anticipated it to come this far because the original launch.

Bear that at heart. Some Antivirus software may report this program – rest assured, it is a false positive. Credits: Sonic. EXE is dependant on the Creepypasta “Sonic. EXE” produced by Mr. JC Hyena. Variation 5. No brand new content in this one, guys – only a straightforward bugfix for the memory-leak concern within the last part of variation 5. Version: 7. Download 48 MB. EXE Game Sonic.

JC Hyena “Hill Act 1. Development Stage. Posted On. Excessive Cartoon Violence. Pleased Halloween! EXE Variation? Variation 7 is here now! Variation Introduced! Load More. EXE by [J. M] followers. Sign In Subscribe.