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In this video we are going to explain what wise diagnosis is, and exactly how you need to use it along with your smartphone. The smart analysis system or STS lets you troubleshoot your clients without the need to call and schedule a call through the solution specialist. SDS equipped appliances can send an audible electronic signal our cell phone app can capture and evaluate. After diagnosis, the telephone application offers you troubleshooting actions based on the information transmitted because of the device.

If you notice anything unusual regarding your new range or believe that it is not performing because it should you may use the STS to check for almost any errors without having to put a call into the solution center. When carrying out either method, ensure that the number isn’t in use and that the system is cooled to room-temperature. The signal from your smart range is sent over your house wireless community and our computers determine the sign to identify any issues then relay that information to your smartphone app.

To use the Wi-Fi diagnosis, open the LG wise range software and then open the wise diagnosis feature. To utilize this feature over Wi-Fi, make sure that your range and therefore your property cordless community tend to be properly connected. In the event that you miss an element of the signal or even the recording is affected by ambient sound, you can always decide to try again. After doing either analysis method, if SDS does not discover such a thing incorrect , however you would still like more details, you can easily speak to your LG smart range owner’s handbook for operating and troubleshooting tips.

The manual and additional support is found online at www. Your LG smart range comes equipped with a good diagnosis system. The analysis sign are transmitted and analyzed over Wi-Fi as well. To do the diagnosis, you will have 2 options. First, the Wi-Fi choice. This method may be the easiest way associated with the 2. You are able to see the brief description and press okay. Through the smart analysis in a fresh display screen, simply touch on the Wi-Fi analysis button. This will initiate the transmission from your oven range and commence to assess the signal.

Once the analysis is total, your phone will show any dilemmas this has recognized. An alternative choice for diagnosis may be the Audible alternative. This program doesn’t require a Wi-Fi sign.

The analysis regarding the transmitted sign will be done within your phone application. To use this particular aspect, go to the wise analysis selection display in your phone.

Then touch from the Audible analysis key. This can mention the recording screen. Then position the phone near to the items control board and press and hold 7 from the keypad. At exactly the same time, touch the record button on the phone.

Your wise range will transmit a sign tone similar to a dial-up modem. This signal will likely to be transmitted for about 15 seconds.


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To utilize the Wi-Fi diagnosis, open up the LG smart range software then open up the wise analysis feature. You’ll read the brief description and hit ok. From the smart diagnosis in a unique display screen, just tap on the Wi-Fi diagnosis button. This may start the transmission from your own oven range and begin to evaluate the sign. The Smart Diagnosis™ feature on your own fridge enables LG call center representatives to diagnose the matter over the telephone. You may also download the Smart Diagnosis™ software and it’ll record and analyze signals through the refrigerator, providing you quick feedback on restoration choices, if needed. Add a . Push the Audible Diagnosis switch, then Self Diagnose making use of your smartphone. Now open up your LG smart fridge app from your own cell phone, if you may need help getting the app check out our video LG smart refrigerator smartphone app. From the smart phone app, select wise analysis after which audible diagnosis. When you are ready to begin the analysis, open the right door of one’s refrigerator.

This video clip gives you information on how to make use of wise diagnosis from your smart ice box. Your smart ice box has the smart diagnosis feature that has the convenience of transmitting and troubleshooting information through audible or Wi-Fi diagnosis. Follow along in this movie to learn the 4 different ways you can diagnose your fridge, making use of a refrigerator as well as your smartphone app. For Self-Audible diagnosing making use of your smart phone, open the settings on the bottom correct part of the house screen and choose the wise analysis option on the remaining side of the display.

Now open your LG smart fridge app from your smartphone, if you will need help getting the app check out our video LG smart refrigerator smartphone app. For audible diagnosing through the LG call center, call the decision center in the quantity shown on the display and follow the representative directions to get your analysis results.

For Wi-Fi diagnosis from your own refrigerator, open the configurations in the base right corner of the home display and select the wise diagnosis choice from the remaining region of the display. When it is completed, call the LG call center in the number shown regarding the display to have your diagnosis results.

For Wi-Fi diagnosis with your cell phone, available the smart analysis function from your own smart phone and select Wi-Fi analysis. Press the Audible Diagnosis button, after which Self Diagnose using your smartphone.

From the smart phone app, select smart diagnosis after which audible diagnosis. When you are ready to begin the diagnosis, open the proper door of the fridge. While holding the phone up, push the start button from the fridge display. As soon as the diagnosis is full, the outcomes are exhibited on the smartphone.

Push the Wi-Fi diagnosis option and commence whenever you are prepared. Diagnosis outcome will likely then appear on your own smartphone once it really is finished.