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Sidians would be the residents of the world of Sid Story. They truly are individuals who travel through the Time-Space Gate and go into the realm of the overall game.

The story foll ows the primary Character MC who discover himself teleported in an unknown measurement leading him to a magical college, Magic class Lussid. On their conquest to prove himself that he is not a threat towards the school, combined with current Student Union President Chris. He experienced the only called Irregulars, they are creatures who were tainted by malevolence from an unknown supply.

By this, he oath to obtain the resource that made the creature drop their method and help those people who are suffering from these. In the future the story, the MC learned so it was not just the creatures are affected by these unidentified and cause the disrupt in the field, also the pupils regarding the Magic class just who investigate this could aswell be beneath the effect to be possessed, certainly one of that is the specialist called Ayanes.

As they achieve the woodland, the ability that engulf the region are strengthening and plenty of monster started attacking all of them, They saw a lady, with what they called Time-Space Engine, a motor that may trigger dimension rift and a portal to travel through parallel world. The motor run amok and also the MC rescued your ex who was going to get caught into the surge. And she became involuntary. The lady they save started to wake up, but as soon as they question her, she became an amnesiac individual, robotic in speech.

Your ex wants him to let her go right to the engine on her to test however the motor is damaged, the lady fixed it and asked that they need the some fragments which are spread when you look at the synchronous globes.

The Main Character additionally the girl started to travel with the partial engine because they collect the remaining items of the engine. She’ll come with you while you travel trough various universe. She may look like a fragile woman but she can instantaneously expel your enemies. Through to the end, even if all things are gone.

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Sid tale (Mod) Version [ Introduction ] “I’ll wait for you at the Time Space Engine!”. The ultimate college fantasy adventure at Magic School ‘Lussid’ in a parallel world. [ Features ] ★ Original Sidians to come with you on the adventure. Good quality card pictures made by well-known music artists!Apk Size: 78 MB. Jul 22,  · take lessons (there is a auto-mode button) to advance in exp and get advantages (Sidians or product), research (to get a continuation of this tale and much more sidians), struggle sidians (by placing a group together, you cannot do much throughout the fight than viewing every little thing), join a circle (for more benefits), numerous ways to summon a sidian (mini-game, crafting a summoning rock, having to pay with silver. Sid Story Sidians and Fate Heroic Spirit’s Comparison (part 4 last) The art looks so common It is kinda funny just how their particular personality designs absence, well, personality. Wu is the only person I’ll give a pass on, considering that the art is much more fitting for Wu’s history. For research, it is also the .

Sidians are the base unit associated with game. You can see historical persons, mythological gods, demons and various legends included in this. Each sidian has actually a particular elements assigned.

It’s shown in the card as a tiny orb into the top left-hand corner of the card. In Sid Story you will find six elements readily available:. Particular elements have actually various advantages over another factor. To get more information regarding Elements Advantages, click the link. The amount of the card shows just how much experience it offers attained. Sidians can’t keep leveling up while reaching the amount that Fusion Level permits. The Fusion amount of a card will be the “stages” of a card while leveling from minimum degree to maximum level.

According the fusion degree are unlocked, the current maximum. They are the stats handled for battles. Each one has actually an advantage for the benefit of your team. For more info, click. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Check in Don’t have a merchant account? Begin a Wiki. Rare Basics [ edit edit resource ] Sidians will be the base unit of the online game. The Sidian card will display the next qualities: Element : found upper-left associated with the card, this group tells you which factor belongs to the card.

Card Image : An image for the Sidian it self. From Rare to S. Rare, the look will likely to be altered two times much more when reaching center fusion degree, and Max. Fusion Level. Rarity : shown with performers, it lets you know the number associated with card. Frame : send the rareness of the card. Sidian’s name. Elements [ edit edit source ] Each sidian features a particular elements assigned. Rare Level [ edit edit resource ] The level of the card shows exactly how much experience this has attained.

On the basis of the rareness regarding the card. Rare 1 40 Fusion Levels [ edit edit resource ] The Fusion amount of a card are the “stages” of a card while leveling from minimum amount to optimum amount. Attaining the maximum. Categories :. Cancel Protect. Universal Conquest Wiki. Attack Heal Lower.