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It features real-time puzzles, recruitable figures and day-to-day events. Form teams with your friends and handle brand new opponents! Assemble a team of beasts to embark in dungeons and challenge enemies! Eliminate is simple–just match 3 orbs of a certain characteristic to help make the beast with the same feature in your staff attack.

If you can chain collectively multiple combos and attributes, you not just increase your harm, but could strike making use of other monsters from your own team! Monsters synergize with each other, enhancing each other’s capabilities and making groups more beneficial in struggle. Build the group that suits your playstyle!

Monsters can evolve into brand new and more-powerful types. Choose between branching advancement routes to enhance your monster collection to your selecting. Exchange IDs with buddies and associates to bring their particular monsters on your team! Cooperate with a friend and challenge Multiplayer Dungeons when you get to a specific rank! But, you can find in-app expenditures accessible to increase upon your gameplay knowledge.

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May 10,  · Perhaps that isn’t the very best slogan (albeit accurate) for the moving meta towards a more cooperative game play in Puzzle and Dragons. But, GungHo is pushing the coop/multiplayer feature when it comes to past several changes as a method to make it . May 28,  · Ver is here in Puzzle & Dragons! A fresh floor has been added to the Specialized Dungeon Alt. Ultimate Arena-No Continues, also to the 3-Player Mode associated with the Multiplayer Dungeon Multiplayer!Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes. A number of all current multiplayer dungeons in Puzzle & Dragons. Multiplayer dungeons consist of.

Mythical Endless Corridors. Challenge Dungeons! Gainaut Descended! Device Athena Descended! Device Zeus Descended! Machine Hera Descended! Linthia Descended! Volsung Descended! Scarlet Descended! Nordis Descended – Special.

Ultimate Zeus Race! Super-Ultimate Dragon Race! Ultimate Yamato Race. Ultimate Dragon Race! Ultimate Devil Race! Ultimate Hera Rush! Ultimate Jesus Race! Lightless Devils’ Nest. Brand New 12 Months Dungeon. Yu Yu Hakusho! Multiplayer Endless Corridors. Multiplayer Evo Rush! Shaman King! English Japanese. Hi, Guest sign in or join!

Ultimate Arena-no Continues. All liberties reserved. Thanks a lot and Credits. Utilization of our internet site as well as the content is at your very own threat. We assume no duty for, and offer no warranties or representations regarding, the precision, reliability, completeness or timeliness of any for the content. Ultimate Endless Corridors. Lv8 – No Skyfall Combos. Lv9 – Orb move time 4 sec. Lv9 – Assists Invalid.

Lv9 – No Skyfall Combos. Lv8 – All Att Needed. Lv10 – Awoken Skills Invalid. Lv8 – Orb move time 4 sec. Lv10 – No Skyfall Combos. Lv9 – No transferred skills. Lv8 – Awoken Skills Invalid. Lv7 – All Att Needed. Lv8 – No transferred skills.

Lv6 – Light Improved. Lv9 – All Att Needed. Lv6 – Water Improved. Lv6 – Awoken Skills Invalid. Lv7 – Healer Improved. Lv4 – Light Enhanced. Lv2 – Water Enhanced. Stubborn Dragon King – Mythical Plus. Stubborn Dragon King – Legend Plus. Mechanical Goddess – Annihilation.

Mechanical War King – Annihilation. Mechanical Queen – Annihilation. Dragon Queen regarding the Wind – Mythical Plus. Dragon Queen associated with Wind – Legend Plus. Sea-dragon King – Mythical Plus. Sea Dragon King – Legend Plus. Hell Demon – Mythical Plus. Hell Demon – Legend Plus. Knight Dragon King – Mythical Plus. Knight Dragon King – Legend Plus.

Phantom Dragon King – Mythical Plus. Phantom Dragon King – Legend Plus. King’s Banquet – Mythical Plus. King’s Banquet – Legend Plus. Absolute Dragon Realm – Annihilation. Absolute Dragon Realm – Mythical Plus. Land associated with the Rising sunlight – Mythical Plus.

Land for the increasing sunlight – Legend Plus. Real Dragon Realm – Mythical Plus. Real Dragon Realm – Legend Plus. Devils’ Domain – Mythical Plus. Devils’ Domain – Legend Plus. Queen’s Banquet – Mythical Plus.

Queen’s Banquet – Legend Plus. Divine Realm – Mythical Plus. Divine Realm – Legend Plus. Shielded Mechanical Dragons – Mythical. Protected Mechanical Dragons – Legend. Protected Mechanical Dragons – Master. Shielded Mechanical Dragons – Expert. Protected Mechanical Dragons – Int. Armored Mechanical Dragons – Mythical.

Armored Mechanical Dragons – Legend. Armored Mechanical Dragons – Master. Armored Mechanical Dragons – Expert. Armored Mechanical Dragons – Int. Hatsumode – Super New-year’s Greetings. Hatsumode – New Year’s Greetings. Dark Tournament-All Out Battle. Ridorana Cataract – Annihilation.

Catastrophic Endless Corridors. Countless Evolutions – Legend. Countless Evolutions – Expert. The fifth Ultimate Goal War – Annihilation. Shaman Fight Tournament – Annihilation. Disclaimer: it is an unofficial web site and it has no contacts with GungHo on line.