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Discussion in ‘ General Discussion ‘ started by elite , Sep 11, By continuing to get into the Razer websites; utilizing Razer solutions or by closing this dialog, you accept our amended policies. Sign in or Sign up. Sign in Razer Insider. Overclocking PC monitors. Hello insider peeps. Wondering has anybody tried to overclock here PC monitors?. Steam have this cool overclocking device available for free. Its called Evga precision X Evga percision was built to overclock nvidia cards but they have actually added an innovative new function to overclock your monitor.

You can easily overclock fresh price and pixel time clock. Features any person had the opportunity to obtain any good performance gains?. I really could boost my refresh price by 10hz without any problems but my monitor freaked out a bit when i attempted to twice as much refresh price stupid idea xD , took myself 30mins to get it working again Also a friend of mine has a BenQ XLZ 27” x monitor and a GTX and then he is able to replace the quality to 4k X or 2k within the nvidia control interface. Clearly this won’t boost the pixel density associated with screen nonetheless it made it look amazing whenever set to 4k.

Has any person had the opportunity for this with other screens? Last edited: Sep 11, Psyjin , Sep 12, Alfihar , Sep 16, Nik , Oct 4, How exactly does one overclock a monitor? I have only a rudimentary understanding of how cpus and gpus have overclocked Destrok , Oct 4, final edited: Oct 8, you need to sign in or join to respond right here.

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Pixel Clock Control Use EVGA Precision X to “overclock” your refresh price. Because of the newest EVGA Precision X, now you can enhance your pixel clock! This permits for increased refresh rates on select monitors, meaning smoother game play and paid off display tearing! Pixel Clock Control. Utilize EVGA Precision X to “overclock” your refresh price. Because of the newest EVGA Precision X, now you can enhance your pixel clock! This enables for increased refresh rates on choose monitors, meaning smoother game play and paid down screen tearing! Aug 18,  · EVGA Precision X1. All Conversations Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Information Guides Ratings.

Though it is in a strange spot to produce a successor from what ended up being commercially their own system to begin with, EVGA did their utmost to hold the majority of the features and options present their particular past RivaTuner based Precision X utility.

When you initially introduce Precision X, first thing you’ll notice is its high performance motivated design. People will feel as if they are starring down during the gauge cluster of a high performance low rider. We think EVGA knocked the look of the graphical user interface out from the park using this type of Precision X, as in my opinion it is the most useful looking of all the resources within our round-up.

Others are welcome to disagree, needless to say. You will find purple and white triangle indicators the period to your card’s base and boost time clock rates, along with signs that confirm the GPU conditions in Celsius and in Fahrenheit. The middle portion of the measure shows the original sliders as present in many resources. As shown below, it is possible to adjust the configurations with the offered sliders or go into the values manually. Accuracy X 16 also reveals the adjusted values before you apply them.

In inclusion, we’ve a concern button, allowing the dynamic time clock alterations to be prioritized between the energy target and GPU temperature. Directly across from the concern button may be the link option, that allows the ability and temperature target in order to become linked or remain individual. Finally, at base regarding the gauge are a couple of yellow arrows on either side of the Precision X 16 logo design. They are utilized to navigate through the selection and settings percentage of the utility. Hitting the right arrow shows the equipment tracking graphs, and clicking again brings within the configurations area of the energy.

We will explore both of these parts more in level in an instant. NVIDIA video cards considering older architectures have these two sliders grayed out and they’ll never be selectable.

Similar to for the other utilities within our round-up, you have the choice to leave the fan on auto, put a hard and fast lover speed, or produce a custom fan curve. Selecting the Fan Curve option introduces the options menu; from here, we can allow the pc software fan control and produce our own fan curve.

We also provide the option to pick an admirer speed preset. Our options include hostile, quiet, or custom fan curve presets. As shown below, the intense preset is not a massive deviation through the auto environment, that will be exactly like the custom setting before any improvements are available.

Custom, Agressive, and Calm. An alternative choice inside this section we can establish a hysteresis price. Establishing a hysteresis price becomes of good use when using a steep fan control curve, such as the hostile lover preset. This can help reduce steadily the price of lover rate variations once the GPU heat is hovering around the temperature step points.

As an added note, hysteresis is applied only if conditions are dropping , perhaps not increasing. Now let us divert our awareness of the area below the fan speed section. Very first up may be the test switch. The test button can be used to start a desired test application with a single mouse click.

To configure a test application, we’ll need to go to the options selection and find the software part. Within the second tab associated with software area, we can pick any application that individuals have actually currently set up on our Computer.

I would personally say the be noticeable feature of OC Scanner X may be the scanning for artifacts alternative. OC Scanner X can scan for artistic artifacts, perhaps the ones that people can’t see or the ones that disappear too soon becoming observed.

Below the test button could be the OSD or on screen display selection. That is used in order to toggle the OSD environment on / off as desired. The second choice is the tracking graph, which also works in agreement using the OSD option. Simply clicking the graph selection will display the monitoring data settings window. Right here you can select from seventeen various tracking selections, anything from GPU temperature to frametimes. You also have the choice on what you would like the tracking information to produce.

It could be shown in the equipment monitor, OSD, supported Logitech keyboard show, and house windows system tray. Additionally, you have access to the hardware monitor by clicking on the yellow arrow off to the right region of the Precision X 16 logo design. Here you should use the mouse to left click and drag the section down and up, or two fold click on the equipment monitor to expand the screen to a side-by-side layout of the many graphs.

We really like the layout regarding the broadened hardware monitor display, because it’s more advanced than those utilized in earlier incarnations of Precision X. Precision X 16 additionally makes use of its very own host that runs when you look at the back ground whenever enabling the OSD option. However, it’s not nearly because sturdy as its predecessor, since it only enables for OSD application exceptions become added or erased. In short, if you’d like to utilize the Precision X OSD feature in specific applications make sure to erase all of them using this listing if they are shown.

For whatever reason the Battlefield 4. Meanwhile there are many options I wish to see implemented into this section. First, there’s no choice to replace the order of tracking information. What this means is the OSD will usually show the monitoring information from the top to bottom without providing you with the ability to replace the order.

2nd, there isn’t any solution to replace the color, area, or size of the OSD font when you look at the accuracy X 16 server. That is a little bit of a disappointment for users originating from earlier incarnations of Precision X, which makes use of the robust RivaTuner Statistics Server and enables these changes.

However, having all of these tracking choices is something that no other energy at this point could offer. The possibility to make use of a few of these ways to monitor the video card while in a software or during the desktop computer is a huge advantage for EVGA’s accuracy X utility.

The very last selection could be the startup section, allowing Precision X to weight whenever booting into Microsoft windows. When enabled, it’ll automatically apply a selected conserved profile if allowed.

You may also keep the control key to sidestep the automated loading of profiles, where you wind up with an unstable profile. Moving over to suitable side, we come across the voltage area of the utility. In addition, the amount of increased current may vary according to the style of card put in. K-Boost disables all of the power saving features that current video clip cards used to help with lower temperatures and reduced power consumption. The major advantageous asset of K-Boost is always to help eliminate the sudden drops in voltage and time clock speeds that happen dynamically when worrying movie cards.

Removing these can reduce performance inconsistencies and instabilities when overclocking, but remember this option is not very likely to benefit the majority of people around, since it can cause idle energy consumption and GPU temperatures to rise. For this reason this choice is mostly intended for extreme overclockers, particularly those people who have a modified VBIOS with direct voltage control. Below current may be the GPU select section associated with the energy.

This allows you to definitely select individual video cards when using a system containing multiple cards e. Located at the end associated with utility is the pages area. As mentioned often times before inside our round-up, pages permit you to save and apply settings with the click on a button. The major distinction with EVGA’s Precision X is the fact that it offers as much as 10 pages, which will be more than most people will ever need. To save a profile, right-click to emphasize a profile quantity, then left mouse click to put on and select.

Before we wrap things up, let’s dive back to the settings section of Precision X to have a look at some more features this energy is offering. Initially up may be the Frame Rate Target feature. This feature allows you to set a maximum frame rate for almost any online game or application. This option has a tendency to come in handy when playing older or less demanding games, which usually create large frame rates.

Establishing a desired frame price at or slightly above your monitor’s refresh rate often helps the GPU run cooler and quieter, and it can additionally trigger power consumption to go down. This will be ideal for notebooks, as decreasing the frame rate increases electric battery life.

Upcoming up is the Pixel clock feature, where you are able to manually adjust the pixel clock used to drive your monitor, in essence enabling you to overclock the refresh price associated with the monitor. Though when speaking about this particular aspect lets also keep something in your mind: not all screens can be overclocked, so be sure to do a lot of study before utilizing this device. Firing up this tool, we had not a problem hitting Hz right from the start, but because of a great deal of dimming along with some visual artifacts, we settled for a refresh price of 96Hz, which is still a stellar overclock.

While there are certain approaches to overclock a monitor, I really liked the user friendliness of accomplishing it with Precision X. Studying the Profile setting, you are able to assign any of our saved profiles to a particular hotkey. This adds an excellent touch of convenience when using a complete screen application, once we can put on profiles without having to change to the desktop. Also, we could designate 2D and 3D pages. Once the 3D profile is selected, it will probably instantly weight when entering a 3D application, although the 2D profile will weight whenever system enters a 2D state.

Within the General settings, you’ll setup Precision X to check on for utility changes on a daily, weekly, or month-to-month basis. Starting a screenshot target folder is required, as it’s required if your wanting to may use the screenshot function. We have previously seen a percentage of this program section in order to configure our test switch. The Monitoring section could be the final in our settings rundown.

Here you’ll adjust the hardware polling duration and go into the tracking information configurations once we revealed into the graph choice. You additionally have the capability to save yourself a log regarding the hardware polling history to a. These versions tend to be virtually identical, with the exception that people that install Precision X 16 through Steam are now able to unlock up to twenty-five Steam accomplishments while using the energy.

It’s their finest looking program to time, provides a robust monitoring system, features an excellent OSD option, enables GPU voltage adjustment, offers monitor overclocking, and it has a ton of various other helpful functions. I discovered the newest configurations software to be really cumbersome whenever navigating although the settings area, since the last steady variation had a far more user-friendly interface. People from the 4. Additionally, I wish to see VRM heat monitoring available on supported cards, but it’s not a deal breaker.

Overall, as far as overclocking and features go, Precision X 16 is very easily one of the better inside our round-up. Personalized, Agressive, and calm Another option in this area we can establish a hysteresis worth. Article Your Comment Please wood in or sign up to comment. They may be getting significantly very popular since they’ve got cards in stock, and I’ve heard reasonably little about their particular computer software. Privacy.