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Authored by: Dr. In this pursuit of Truth, spanning many hundreds of years and diverse civilizations, organized religion has shaped individual life and, to a big degree, features determined the program of history. While some religions have already been considering written text, advertised by their followers to be divinely motivated, other individuals have relied solely on real human experience.

Muslims also believe that it contains assistance for many humankind. Zakir Abdul Karim Naik span of life and for which humankind does not have any explanation. But, we should be careful before accepting some thing as magic.

He argued by asking as to how you can examine the uterus of a mom that offers birth to a young child. His claim had been a gimmick in order to gain publicity. If such false miracles will be the tests of divinity, then we might need to accept all celebrated magicians known for their innovative magical tips and illusions, as genuine God-men! A novel, saying become of Divine origin, is within result, claiming to be a miracle.

Such a claim should always be easily verifiable in just about any age, based on the criteria of that age. Why don’t we consequently explore the veracity of the belief.

The entire world also witnessed an age when literary works and poetry occupied pride of place, comparable to that today enjoyed by research and technology. Equivalent notation is followed throughout this guide. A contemporary rational guy, however, would never take a religious scripture which claims, when you look at the greatest poetic language, that the entire world is flat. Simply because we live in an age, where human being reason, reasoning and science are given primacy. Any scripture saying becoming a divine revelation additionally needs to be acceptable regarding the power of the own reason and logic.

Religion without science is blind. In this book I have considered only established clinical facts and never hypotheses and ideas based on mere presumptions rather than backed by evidence. Zakir Abdul Karim Naik 2. It is sustained by observational and experimental information collected by astronomers and astrophysicists for many years.

These then divided to form performers, planets, the sun’s rays, the moon, etc. Exactly how could a book, which very first starred in the deserts of Arabia years ago, contain this profound scientific truth?

In short, huge gaseous matter or clouds were present before the development associated with the galaxies. Just what then, might have been the origin with this knowledge?

For years and years, guys were afraid to head out past an acceptable limit, for concern about dropping from the edge! Sir Francis Drake was 1st person who proved that the earth is spherical when he sailed around it in This occurrence can simply happen if the planet is spherical.

In the event that planet had been flat, indeed there would have been a-sudden change from night to day and from time to night. The overlapping or coiling of this day-and-night can only just take place in the event that planet is spherical. The earth is certainly not exactly round like a ball, but geo-spherical, i. The shape of an ostrich-egg resembles the geo-spherical form of the planet earth. This word entails an ostrich-egg. Zakir Abdul Karim Naik that the light associated with moon is reflected light. All three descriptions work towards the sun, since it generates intense heat and light by its internal-combustion.

Within the western, this geocentric notion of the universe ended up being prevalent from the comfort of enough time of Ptolemy in the 2nd century B. Zakir Abdul Karim Naik motionless in the centre for the solar system with all the planets revolving around it. In this he concluded that not just do the planets relocate elliptical orbits across the sunlight, in addition they rotate upon their axes at unusual speeds.

Using this knowledge it became easy for European scientists to describe correctly most of the mechanisms for the solar system, such as the series of day and night. After these discoveries, it absolutely was believed that the sunlight had been fixed and did not turn about its axis just like the world. From the having studied this fallacy from Geography publications inside my college days. This term comes from the phrase sabaha.

It holds along with it the thought of motion that comes from any moving human anatomy. Zakir Abdul Karim Naik running. By using this term for an individual in water, it would not signify he’s drifting but would mean that he’s cycling.

Likewise, if you utilize the word yasbah for a celestial human anatomy like the sunshine, it can not just mean that it really is traveling through area but would additionally imply that it really is turning because it goes through area.

Most school textbooks have finally included the truth that the sun rotates about its axis. The rotation associated with the sunshine about a unique axis may be proved with the aid of a gear that projects the image regarding the sunshine on the top of a table, making sure that it’s possible to examine the image of this sunlight without getting blinded.

It’s pointed out that the sunlight has actually spots which complete a circular movement once every 25 days i. The sun travels through space at around km per second, and takes about million many years to accomplish one change round the center of our Milky Method Galaxy.

Zakir Abdul Karim Naik just recently by modern astronomy, i. It is often offered a name, the Solar Apex. The solar power system should indeed be relocating room towards a spot operating out of the constellation of Hercules alpha Lyrae whoever specific location is firmly founded.

The moon rotates around its axis in identical timeframe it takes to revolve around the earth. It’ll arrived at a finish at some point of time in the foreseeable future, when the sunlight are going to be totally extinguished, leading to extinction of all of the life on the planet. Astrophysicists later found the presence of bridges of matter in this interstellar room.

These bridges of matter are known as plasma, and include completely ionized gasoline containing equal range no-cost electrons and good ions. Plasma might be called the 4th state of matter besides the three known states viz. Zakir Abdul Karim Naik together with planet and all that is between.

The development associated with the world is now a recognised systematic reality. They have been correct in acknowledging the advancement of this Arabs in the field of astronomy. Furthermore many of the medical details stated earlier, for instance the beginning of the universe with a large Bang, were not recognized to the Arabs also in the top of the scientific development.

Zakir Abdul Karim Naik 3. This concept ended up being originally proposed by the Greeks, in certain by a scholar known as Democritus, who lived about 23 centuries ago. Democritus in addition to individuals who came after him, assumed that the tiniest device of matter ended up being the atom. The ancient Arabs used to believe equivalent. The Arabic word zarrah most commonly meant an atom. In recent times modern research features discovered that you can split also an atom.

That the atom could be split further is a development of the 20th century. Fourteen centuries ago this idea would have made an appearance strange even to an Arab. For him the zarrah was the limitation beyond what type could maybe not go.

Zakir Abdul Karim Naik by Him that knows the unseen — from Whom is not concealed minimal small atom in the Heavens or on earth: nor will there be everything lower than that, or greater, it is in the Record Perspicuous. It then goes more and says that God is aware of every little thing, including understanding smaller or larger than the atom. Thus the verse demonstrably indicates that it’s possible for one thing smaller than the atom to occur, an undeniable fact discovered just recently by contemporary technology.

Zakir Abdul Karim Naik 4. He described how water evaporates from the oceans and cools to make clouds. The clouds move inland where they increase, condense and autumn as rain.

This water gathers as ponds and streams and moves back into the sea in a continuous pattern. When you look at the 7th century B. In earlier times folks did not understand the way to obtain underground water. They thought water for the oceans, under the effect of winds, ended up being pushed to the inside regarding the continents. They even thought that the water returned by a secret passageway or perhaps the Great Abyss.

Even Descartes, a good thinker for the eighteenth century, subscribed to the view. Based on this concept, liquid was condensed in cool mountain caverns and formed underground lakes that fed springs.

These days, we have come to know that the rainwater that seeps in to the splits associated with ground accounts for this. In this framework, impregnate ensures that the wind pushes the clouds together increasing the condensation that causes lightning and thus rain.

Zakir Abdul Karim Naik hill masses of clouds wherein is hail: He hits therewith who He pleases and then he turns it far from whom He pleases.


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