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In addition, our wash features a touchless brushless automated with three self-serve wand bays. Besides our well-maintainted self-service automobile clean bays , you can expect a few perks for the consumers.

Therefore, we provide powerful vacuum cleaners, popular vehicle treatment item vending companies, clean facilities, and great customer support. We have everything you need to tidy up your trip. We purchased the vehicle wash-in and renamed your website Our Town Auto Wash to demonstrate our dedication to our customers by striving become the greatest diy carwash in Fairborn Ohio! Supplying a clear, well-maintained center is extremely important to us. Subsequently, we have been working to offer high quality automobile clean items for the diy-oriented.

Also, we’ve been taking care of remodeling and improvements. Watch our social media feeds for news about our automated wash and building remodeling task. Message us here using our live talk site tool, on Twitter or Instagram.

In addition, it is possible to catch automobile clean how-to movies on our YouTube station. We care! The device applies presoak, polish depending on clean choice , high force and spot free wash rounds. Because our machine doesn’t have a dryer, you may desire to deliver a drying chamois or buy a drying bath towel from our vending area.

Touchless automated vehicle washing is an upkeep wash and it is beneficial to eliminate regular weekly deposits. Touchless washing just isn’t guaranteed to remove all types of roadway grime from vehicles that aren’t cleaned usually, or when road grime contains certain kinds of build up which are difficult to remove without friction agents.

To make certain your satisfaction with wash quality, we recommend cleaning the automobile down following the wash cycle with a clean synthetic chamois for best results. Every vehicle, regardless of how brand new, will likely to be hard to get clean without the right upkeep regarding the paint. Applying good carnauba wax at least one time a year is recommended for most useful outcomes, it doesn’t matter what style of automobile wash you select. Guidelines from the kiosk reveal proper position of this bank card stripe. The vocals prompt and scrolling screen additionally provides directions.

You are able to choose the automobile clean type before or once you swipe your card or use tap-to-pay. Be sure you see verification of your clean purchase before entering the clean bay.

The green light when you look at the clean bay blinks when ready and a purple end light will come on if your automobile is properly situated. Suggestion: go into the bay slowly. If you overshoot the ground switch, backup slightly through to the red light happens again. Click to obtain your bill. Receipts available 2 hours after deal.

Note: a short-term pre-authorization can take place in your account. This exchange are going to be adjusted to your proper quantity spent in days. We’re perhaps not in charge of damage to cars that go beyond the posted approval height, width, and duration of the wash bay. We do not simply take responsibility for damages to loose components or aftermarket accessories or problems caused by driver errors.

Due to their structure, some level finishes, enamels, or special coatings might not be appropriate for large ph items. Our self-serve car wash bays accept quarters or cards. Insert more quarters before time expires to incorporate time. Secure credit and debit card acceptance with CryptoPay is present on all vehicle clean bays. We make an effort to offer well-maintained, clean facilities for our consumers. Therefore, we do not allow technical work or squirt painting on our premises.

In the event that you leave mud or dirt when you look at the bay after washing your automobile, please clean it up or wash it straight down as a courtesy to another buyer. Similarly, please admire our bay indications regarding our other guidelines. All car wash bays accept credit and debit cards.

Swipe the card because of the magnetic stripe facing right. The timer begins counting up in. To get rid of charges, press the key on the swiper. The total charged to your card is rounded into the closest cent and exhibited in the display screen. A short-term pre-authorization may show on the account. This can conform to the particular quantity spent in days.

You are able to swipe your card again if required. You must press the swiper button. Get your secure credit card receipt here. Receipts are available 2 hours after the purchase. Kindly contact us if you have any dilemmas or questions about your bank card charges.

Car washing is not any exemption! First pick Presoak. Our automobile clean presoak is an alkaline product which deals with hard road film, sodium and cold temperatures road treatments. It loosens grime and helps make the other automobile clean options work more effectively. It is not recommended to make use of high-pressure on loose car trim, aftermarket components, decals and magnets. Even soft microfiber towels can collect tiny soil particles, acting like sandpaper up against the finish.

We advice obtaining a synthetic foam chamois for washing and a different one for drying. Artificial chamois are available at automobile parts shops and shops. Our detergent foams well and will be utilized on low pressure for hand washing. It is possible to use foaming brush soap for the purpose. Inspect the brush for debris before making use of. Although we utilize the softest brushes in the marketplace, occasionally debris from other customers could be left into the bristles. We recommend rinsing the brush with a high force wash prior to use.

Change the selection dial to foaming brush and verify thick foam with a shaving-cream consistency is coming aside. Avoid using the brush on a dry vehicle or without switching in the machine since scratches could happen. Never ever drop the brush in foam left regarding the bay flooring! Beginning at the very top and working your way straight down, carefully scrub the automobile, including rims. Note: We use an anti-freeze detergent solution in winter months, but there is however a possibility that the brushes will freeze in cold temperatures.

Our brushes are amiss at 15 degrees or below. We recommend checking the brush for frozen bristles and rinse the brush with high stress detergent before usage regardless of temperatures. Make use of high pressure wash to spray the entire automobile all the way through, ensuring to rinse down all soap and polish residue. Our liquid is softened to cut back spotting. We’re perhaps not in charge of harm as a result of misuse of our clean equipment or chemicals. Our gloss-enhancing polish is a particular polymer area protectant that delivers exceptional water beading and some liquid sheeting.

Applying polish every time you wash can help keep soil and area pollutants from penetrating the paint, making it easier to get rid of dirt the next time the car is washed. Important: clean thoroughly before using polish for the greatest results, and USUALLY rinse the polish down with a high force wash followed by spot no-cost rinse. Water is dispensed at a medium pressure. Start at the top of the car and rinse all edges completely. Remember to flush the cracks, also.

Regular wash liquid tends to set in hiding and soon you travel down the road, leading to liquid streaks in your otherwise spot-free area. Filtering crevices like the door cracks, mirrors, as well as other crevices with spot free rinse helps in avoiding streaking. The Air Shammee is a powerful hot air dryer. Exemplary for drying the cracks, mirrors, door cracks and everywhere water escapes from and leaves lines. Air dryer will create warm air after one to three minutes.

Tip: try a sweeping movement just as if pushing the water in one way. Kindly e mail us if you have any feedback or dilemmas. You can easily message us utilising the Chat feature, Facebook Messenger or Instagram. Or simply deliver us a line making use of the e-mail form here! Your Name required. Your mail required. Your Website optional. Your Contact Number. Subject required. Your Message required. Our Town car clean vehicle clean present cards are a reloadable gift card and benefits card in one.

They generate great presents or a secure, dependable payment means for our regular consumers. Our clean cards may be used to purchase a computerized vehicle wash or self-serve wash bay time.


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We have been a family-owned and operated car wash who has been running a business since We have been a mainstay within the Rockland County community and solution places such as for instance Orangeburg and Blauvelt. So kindly, if you’re in the region, you’ll think about it down and get your car or truck cleaned today! We provide affordable prices and a wide range of options that may get the car clean. To learn more, you’ll call us.

The number to dial is We provide various different choices regarding a motor vehicle wash. Listed below are alternatives to choose from, starting from high-end towards the rules. We should work to provide you with high quality automobile clean options that fit your budget. With us, you have the capacity to pick a choice that most readily useful fits your preferences. Our company is happy to provide vehicle clean choices that use Rain-X , allowing for better protection for your automobile and windshield.

As well as for less dangerous driving circumstances. On top of having the ability to clean your vehicle, we do offer various other extra services. Most clients we get live in Orangeburg and Blauvelt, but we have automobile owners from about the region. Various types of car makes and models could be maintained right here. This consists of foreign and domestic.

Kindly e mail us today to find out more about our access and rates options. For more information, please call whenever you call, we’re going to review all our available options to you. So, if your vehicle is just a little in the dirty part, please do not think twice to seriously down! Allow you to get your clean! And when you are searching for an oil modification, the number is we’ll gladly answer any queries you may possibly have regarding our services. Automobile Wash Oil Change ourtowncarwash gmail. Car Wash Options We offer several different options when it comes to an automobile clean.

Excessive Services On top of to be able to wash your car or truck, we do provide other additional services.