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Im moving to there already because this web log cant discuss problem with others,mights well i proceed to forum so everyone can talk about about it.

New Song Updated into the server this March. Check the page below to grab. Very good news! I have updated brand new avatar shop! Brand new wing added,new avatar hair,cloth,pants,shoes,keyboard,bass,guitar,drum,etc. Great news to all or any people in O2AS host: the server has simply added more brand-new songs!

Here is the newest PAtch! In order to gain access to to game server ,user must hook up to Hamachi first. Download hamachi and get in on the server system. Click here to down load Hamachi. Network name: O2AS System password: o2jam After successfully joining O2As network via hamachi,user may enter the video game by clicking the launchserv.

After successfully introduce the game,login to the online game with all the subscribed password and login title. See first post for subscription and web item store. Client install are now available! Songs files are not available yet but primary utilizing official songs and unofficial songs.

Tune pack is still under construction. Just around the corner! For avatar,visit WebItemShop to include you avatar! To add avatar,please down load the ItemList and key in the code of the avatar.

Note: try not to edit the avatar with the game on. Note: Important Notice! Registration and WebItemShop can only be achieved with hamachi connect to the server. Friday, April 18, O2AS is moving! Friday, March 21, Brand New Songs Updated!! Wednesday, March 19, New Avatar Patch!! Monday, March 10, Notice! Host makes use of Hamachi in order to connect! Download O2AS Client.

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O2 jam private server.O2AS: O2Jam Private host

O2Jam Interval professional Server (period Group) features 4, members. Welcome to O2JAM INT GROUP IntGamerZ Portal IntGamerZ Thank you for visiting O2JAM INT GROUP IntGamerZ Portal IntGamerZ Facebook O2JAM. Mar 21,  · In order to get into to online game server,user must connect to Hamachi first. Install hamachi and get in on the server system. Click to grab Hamachi. System title: O2AS Network password: o2jam After successfully joining O2As network via hamachi,user may enter the . o2jam, o2jam personal server, o2jam hack, o2jam cheats, Kalonline, Lineage2, Ragnarok on line, WOW, Knight online, A3, Aglaia, Online, Audition, BombGame, City of.

To describe more, the state host of Thailand remains online, but there’s no GM. O2TH GM revealed that there is no more upgrade later on. Any players who can play those tough songs are not thought to be man. Due to the net connection limitation, international countries cannot accessibility the server without Thailand proxy. Vittee , O2SX creator, also helps develop the host in complicated circumstances.

Each position, excluding Player, possesses its own goal. All people, including GM, need certainly to publish related screenshots, then the admin will evaluate manually. No one can bypass this ranking process even these are generally GM. In inclusion, all ranked people get an announcer product as a reward. They can not play any songs above degree observe that 50 % of all songs into the machines are above level High Class could be the highest ranking for ‘human’.

They might play any more difficult songs that ‘human’ can manage. A few of high quality can get a good rating for simpler songs, nevertheless they can’t complete any complex tracks. People in the Demon ranking are not any longer considered ‘human’. They somehow gain some methods needed seriously to play heightened note patterns. Nevertheless, they can’t manage more complicated tracks; they could clear a song using their tough attempt in an ineffective method.

Surviving in a complex tune is a challenge when it comes to Demon. Monster is a higher position. Contrasting with Demon, Monster is able to play more technical tracks, get a far better rating, and get a great combo for normal tracks. Monster is considered as an advanced player who can play any complex songs, in a good way.

Some beasts can play very difficult tracks; this clarifies these are generally high-end players within the server. Top player of the server is called Big Boss. These players have the ability to play extremely difficult songs in the server, while getting extraordinary scores. They aim both completeness and precision, simultaneously. When it comes to playing a typical song, the precision is much more crucial; coexistent Lost Humanities may get a fantastic combo on top of that, so their particular success is generally based on the reliability.

Additionally, players in this position are believed as specialists; they certainly were tested countless objectives to make sure that they’ve completely lost their humanity.

The most important task would be that they must fairly beat all current missing Humanities. The missing Humanity objective is seasonally available, based need and provide. Bosses needs to be available as soon as the objective is placed. However, some ranking labels are accustomed to calculate a ranking rate, while some of these are employed given that additional ranks. It plays nearly just like pressing F5 in o2mania. O2PF Machine doesn’t occur today.

Their ranking will undoubtedly be erased, and their exp price will likely to be bad. Reverse system can be acquired for players whose level are in minimum Their particular exp rate are unfavorable. The reverse system is canceled when their amount and knowledge fall to 0.

Songs Staff look for brand-new tracks for the host. Additionally they test all tracks they found ahead of the next procedure, GM endorsement. They usually have no unique power, except announcing a worldwide notice in online game.

There is no nonsense plan like establishing GM level to Lost Humanity. This function isn’t implemented in iO2PF. Each position features its own ranking rate. Missing Humanity has the best standing price, while Warning! Every an hour, players gets additional play time price.

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