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Just see the Developers section. About this web page, you will learn just how to add custom dishes utilizing the RecipeAPI into the setup file. For instance, you might want the Oven to be able prepare Cobblestone into Stone but the default dishes don’t add it, this is where the API comes. Now i have written this tutorial becoming straightforward as it is geared towards the overall player.

If you’re a developer, see the note above. To wrap the setup API in one single phrase, factors are widely used to determine information like input-item , which as an example tells the Oven that this product is cooked. The Freezer calls for an input-item and an output-item. The input-item becoming the item which can be froze, and output-item becoming the consequence of the frozen input-item.

On Linux,it is a hidden folder. Inside the recipe-api group, you ought to get a hold of a section called custom-recipes. This is how all our customized dishes enter. Please note that each and every meal must carry on a brand new line and should be in-between the arrows. This custom meal will help you to prepare products into the Oven. Sets the kind to oven.

The item is prepared is a Potato. The result of the prepared Potato is 2 cooked Potatoes. Set the sort to range. The product become cooked is an Oxeye Daisy. The consequence of the cooked Oxeye Daisy is Bone meal. Units the type to freezer. The item become frozen is a Water Bucket. The result of the frozen Water Bucket is a Block of Ice. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don’t have a merchant account? Begin a Wiki.

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Minecraft furniture mod blender.Configuration | MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod Wiki | Fandom

Personalized Blender Drink Required Variables. name; ingredients; heal; color; Exemples. the type to blender. Put 2 Apple, 2 Melon, and 1 Redstone to make Red Slack type=blender,name=Red_Slack,heal=10,ingredients=minecraft:apple:2/minecraft:melon:2/minecraft:redstone:1,colour= Custom Chopping Board Recipe forced Variables. input-item; output-item; Examples. Feb 20,  · Hello all:D i’ve recantly experienced blender and I also made this pack cuase i went out of ideas by using it in videos you do not need certainly to credit myself includes: bath tub (empty) bathtub (complete) bookcase (perhaps not the minecraft version) chair 2 types of couches a small table a fridge with available and closable activity (the available and close purpose was poorly done. Crafting recipe The Blender calls for 4 black colored wool, 4 glass panes, and an iron ingot. Place the glass panes when you look at the top left, top right, middle left and middle right slots, the black wool in the middle top slot and across the base line together with metal ingot in the centre slot.

It could shop as much as six beverages. By standard, the Blender comes with five various recipes see below. Place the cup panes in the top left, top right, middle left and middle right slots, the black colored wool in the middle top slot and throughout the base line therefore the iron ingot at the center slot. It will probably include the bunch dimensions too therefore be careful because beverages need the precise number of ingredients. To begin the blending process, you intend to be sure you have a valid combination of ingredients in the Blender.

When the Blender has actually completed mixing, you can fill a Cup with all the drink from the Blender. To work on this, merely right click on the Blender with a Cup. This will probably then be eaten to fill your hunger bar.

Different drinks fill just about. You can’t drink until you’re hungry. To eliminate a component, just correct click the Blender with a bare hand. It’s going to eliminate the last included ingredient. Veggie Juice : place 4 carrots, 1 potato and 2 pumpkin pies into the Blender. It will probably fill 9 appetite pubs. Cookies and Cream : Put 2 cookies and 1 milk container into the Blender. It will probably fill 2 hunger taverns. The vacant bucket will likely be given back for your requirements. Energy Drink : place 8 redstone dirt, 1 fire cost and 16 sugar within the Blender.

It will fill 5 hunger taverns and give you the Swiftness effect. Egg Nog : place 4 eggs, 2 sugar and 1 milk container when you look at the Blender. It’s going to fill 5 appetite taverns. You can include your custom recipes with the configuration file or even the Recipe-API file.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Register do not have a free account? Begin a Wiki. The Blender is employed to produce products, which can be consumed and fill your appetite club.

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