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Kung jin bojutsu combos.Kung Jin/Moveset


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Kung Jin’s Bojutsu variation is a very powerful footsie based mixup character. The video under is of this bnb in the place off of Kung Jin’s most damaging starter, doing the combo midscreen, remove the Njp, and use B21 rather than 4. Forward 3 breaks most armor and it is great once the opponent might wake-up with armor when you look at the part.

Furthermore an overhead. Kung jin’s Bojutsu difference is probably his strongest. With low B14 and overhead F24 normals along side impressive range on B21 his footsies have become very easy to start out with. His 11 features a really low recovery time and can be used to apply stress or a good addition to mixups.

His improved bojustu spin is their best combo piece but in addition unsafe on block. Do not forget to utilize his DF2 for his arrows as they can zone well. Bojutsu is definitely his greatest variation for impressive combinations with only one enhance bar. It adds a unique move where you could 3 extra hits on a person but enhanced it’ll knock the opponent in environment for a combo extender. However for this difference footsies is essential as you can’t produce an opening on your own you will find it hard to win.

His plunge kick will help alot if you want a simple atmosphere entrance. I love this personality for how easy his combinations tend to be. I would recommend him for anyone brand new getting into this video game and also for individuals looking to go pro. Only a fast tip for Kung Jin, nothing also unique. I’ve found that their plunge Kick can be incredibly effective versus teleporting characters Scorpion, Ermac, Takeda, etc.

And undoubtedly, it opens them up to those lovely combination possibilities. Therefore keep in mind, when in question, Dive Kick and away! Just never abuse it, since it’s an easy task to punish if you see it coming. This goes all figures. Whenever wanting to penalize attacks, if you are using a normal move it will probably emerge 1 frame later because data recovery from blocking is 1 frame. Therefore trying to penalize a move this is certainly -6 will mean you’ll need an attack with 5 framework startup unless its a special attack. Special attacks start normally because they are reversals.

Kun jin are played multiple ways he’s a great deal of tool at their disposal whether you want to be an agressor or a protective zoner but it is imperative that you can switch involving the two.

Jin’s harm output is excellent plus he has far achieving normals that may fruther increase his combo potential. Tournament Results. Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. Dragon Ball FighterZ. Super Smash Bros. Granblue Fantasy: Versus. Mortal Kombat Tekken 7. Samurai Shodown. Information and functions. Capcom fighters. Capcom vs. Special Moves Air Dive Kick. All Details. Cartwheel Drop. Lunge Kick. Right Arrow. Up Arrow. X-Ray: Staff Infection. Ancestral Air Angle Arrow.

Air Down Arrow. Air Straight Arrow. Fire Quiver. Low Shot. Stun Quiver. Vampiric Quiver. Bojutsu Bo Flame. Bo Swat. Bo Swing. Minimal Bo Swing. Shaolin Blade Stab. Dual Strike. Internal Peace. Low Chakram. Increasing Monk. Sharp Teeth. Side Slice. Silent Thief. Up Kick. Basic Attacks Bo Sweep. Elbow Strike. Extended Get To. Head Breaker. Head Knock. Hinge Kick. Jump Back Kick. Jump Right Back Punch. Jump Front Kick. Jump Front Punch. Low Kick. Minimal Poke. Neutral Jump Kick.

Simple Jump Punch. Quick Step. Rising Bo. Shaolin Sweep. Side Kick. Spin Kick. Staff Strike. Step Kick. Throw Away. Put Towards. Turnaround Strike. Kombo Attacks Bo Lunge. Chop-chop. Cross Straight Back. Cross Kick. Downward Flower. Heel Smash. Honorable Kata. Hook Strike. Leg Pass. Minimal Force.


Kung jin bojutsu combos.Mortal Kombat X – how exactly to Enjoy Kung Jin: Combos and methods | Tips | Prima Games

Nov 16,  · combinations: midscreen, corner, anti aircredits: yohanan leal. Apr 29,  · ︎ Mortal Kombat X combination guide playlist: ?list=PLTq8z1A9gJgdZr82DB1IGpko5cxHWQnwcSubscribe to get more combos! Feedback notations b. Aug 30,  · 15%% | discover ways to do combinations in every circumstances. Small & huge combos, part combos, Xray combinations, and fatalities. MKX “Kung Jin Bojutsu Combo Tutorial.

Kung Jin is amongst the few figures having three variations which are all viable in competitive play. Many will likely favor his Bojutsu or Ancestral variations, perhaps the Shaolin variation is effective against many figures. As of this very early point in the video game, Kung Jin is amongst the most useful figures available. The attack just isn’t safe therefore do not simply throw it out there. If you’re in the air and your adversary makes use of a projectile or does something that will allow one to discipline with an Air Dive Kick, that is when you should use it.

Air Dive Kick additionally works well after a combo that knocks the opponent in to the environment. The improved version Air Shaolin Strike is a safer compared to the normal version if it’s obstructed, but t can certainly still be punished by a talented opponent.

Kung Jin’s standard projectile assault could be the Straight Arrow. Like the majority of projectile attacks, it addresses the length of the screen, but your opponent can duck under it. The improved version, Split Shot fires two arrows in addition and hits mid so your opponent can’t duck under all of them. Split Shot additionally provides Kung Jin benefit whether it’s obstructed, indicating you need to use it to get rid of blocked combos to keep offensive pressure.

This would generally only be done to get rid of a match as Kung Jin’s meter is better spent elsewhere, but it is a choice if you want the extra offensive stress.

The Up Arrow is Kung Jin’s projectile anti-air assault. When you have great reactions you can use this to hit an opponent out from the atmosphere immediately after they jump. The enhanced version Up Split Shot fires two arrows and provides Jin advantage if the adversary blocks, but it is simple to duck under.

It isn’t advised to utilize this at close range unless you’re wanting to knock the adversary from the atmosphere. Kung Jin addresses the size of the screen with a moderately quick flying kick. If you’re near sufficient, Kung Jin’s staff will hit the opponent right before the traveling kick.

The flying kick portion of the assault is high and certainly will be ducked under, but the staff section if mid and cannot be prevented by ducking. The improved form of the attack Fly Kick inflicts more damage and has armor. You can make use of either variation to finish combos or punish attacks that will usually be too far away to punish with a simple attack or combo.

Kung Jin’s Cartwheel Drop is an overhead attack that can be used to finish combinations or occasionally leap over reduced attacks with appropriate time. The enhanced variation Cartwheel Smash is Kung Jin’s best wakeup choice.

If an opponent is pressuring you after knocking Kung Jin to the ground, use the armor associated with Cartwheel Smash to undergo their particular pressure. In the event that opponent anticipates this and obstructs the assault, Kung Jin is not only safe from penalized, but features a slight advantage which allows him to carry on unpleasant stress.

Even though you can just toss this out and hope your adversary presumptions wrong whenever preventing, it is best to combo involved with it or save your valuable meter for Kung Jin’s improved special moves. You are able to end almost all of Kung Jin’s combos with the team Infection X-Ray, but he’s great enhanced special techniques that ought to just take concern unless the X-Ray will complete an opponent.

Both are safe in the event that opponent obstructs, you could end the Heel Smash combo with a unique relocate to extend the combination or increase the harm out with respect to the unique move utilized. It is possible to end this combo with a special move for extra damage or even to extend the combo.

With quick reactions you’ve got enough time to ensure the combination hit before you carry on with an unique move. Both the Head Breaker and Low Poke options will hit from about personality lengths away, that is adequate to force a mix-up at the beginning of a game. Kung Jin has more range on their real assaults than most other characters, which gives him a definite benefit in terms of this mix-up.

Luckily you can easily cancel the low into a special go on to keep it safe with respect to the special move used. Even though the low is certainly not safe in the event that opponent blocks, it can also be canceled into a unique relocate to keep Kung Jin safe. Kung Jin has various other decent poking combos like the Bo Lunge 2,2,1 and Traditional Ways 3,4,3 that are safe in the event that opponent blocks and will be employed to keep things from getting repetitive.

Nevertheless, you need to be focused on the reduced Poke and Head Breaker mix-ups as that is where Kung Jin undoubtedly shines throughout all variations.

Ancestral Variant The Ancestral variation provides Kung Jin a variety of projectile choices with a range of arrows to choose from. The Air Straight Arrow shoots right mind, the atmosphere Angle Arrow shoots at a small downward direction toward the far place associated with the display, as well as the Air Down Arrow shoots down, but just slightly in front of Kung Jin.

You’ll improve a few of these to fire two arrows in the place of one. Kung Jin shoots an arrow from a crouching position that much be blocked reduced. Numerous regular projectiles may also look at Kung Jin’s mind while he’s crouching when it comes to minimal Shot. It is a good zoning tool, especially against figures to must make use of meter to create their projectiles struck reduced enough to hit Kung Jin out of their crouching place. Whilst the aerial and crouching choices are nice, the biggest advantage Kung Jin has actually into the Ancestral difference are their three quiver transitions.

All of the arrows continue for a few days before reverting right back to the standard arrow. The Fire Quiver gives Kung Jin much more powerful arrows that inflict considerably more damage than the conventional arrows and knock-down the opponent.

Vampiric Quiver shoots arrows that deplete the adversary’s awesome meter. While all the arrows final similar period of time if not used, the Stun Quiver arrows can just only be shot when before Kung Jin reverts back to his default arrows. You are able to switch back to the Stun Quiver, however you will not be able to take significantly more than on Stun Quiver arrow without equipping the Stun Quiver once again.

It is possible to end most combinations with a quiver change and stay safe from discipline, so think of the method that you want to strike after each and every combination to help you be sure you have the appropriate quiver stocked. Nonetheless, should your adversary doesn’t always have much health left, it may possibly be useful to switch to the Fire Quiver for the additional damage. Whenever playing against a character that is really dependent on meter, the Vampiric Quiver can be very helpful.

Even although you just want to end the opponent from making use of an X-Ray attack or breaker, the Vampiric Quiver can help within these circumstances. Kung Jin manages to lose a little bit of damage within the Ancestral variation, but he gains lots of versatility with several arrow quivers. This would become your very first Kung Jin variation since it is useful against just about any matchup. Bojutsu Variant Kung Jin’s Bojutsu variation adds a few bo-related assaults to their arsenal.

The Bo Flame shoots a flame from Kung Jin’s staff that journeys across the the top of display screen. This would be properly used as an anti-air assault also to increase combinations particularly in the place. It works really after a neutral jump punch along with other comparable circumstances whenever opponent has lots of the atmosphere during a combo.

The Bo Swat launches your adversary to the atmosphere for a juggle combination. Put it to use to extend combos once you have confirmed the first an element of the combination connected. It isn’t safe if the adversary blocks, so you should make sure the combo struck before you cancel to the Bo Swat.

The enhanced version inflicts more harm and has armor, but otherwise must certanly be found in exactly the same way. The improved variations Bo Spin and Low Bo Spin can increase combos, but nothing for the attacks are safe if the adversary blocks.

Ensure you combo links, then terminate to the improved form of either assault to give your combos for somewhat more damage.

It is much easier to combo after the Bo Spin compared to the Low Bo Spin unless you’re within the corner, in addition to the Bo Spin inflicts more damage, so that it should really be your go-to combo extender. The Bojutsu variant is more about maximizing damage than anything else.

Nevertheless, you need to be in a position to hit-confirm your combinations to use this variant well. Exactly what this means is you have to be able to confirm that your combination hit the opponent with the full time to terminate into regarding the bo assaults to maximize your damage.

Nothing associated with assaults tend to be safe if the opponent blocks, and that means you can not just throw all of them out there and hope they hit. Any competent player will penalize you severely for that, so exercise hit-confirming your combos if you wish to make use of this variant. He gains the use of a Chakram blade that offers him a new standard assault, a few brand new combinations and some brand new special moves.

The new fundamental attack is the Blade Stab 2 , which will be quickly, but strikes high and that can be ducked. Just the Sharp Teeth combination is safe in the event that adversary obstructs, nevertheless the increasing Monk combination works well to end combos. Internal Peace is the only combo which is safe in the event that opponent blocks, but twice Strike ends in a low assault that may catch an opponent off-guard. The unique moves Kung Jin gains in this variant are what actually separate it through the other two. This will be an overhead assault that combo after the Up Kick whenever made use of to end Kung Jin’s combinations.

They are all tough to penalize if the opponent blocks, but it is possible. The conventional Chakram is a mid-hitting attack meaning your opponent will not be in a position to duck under it.

Nevertheless, the improved variation Chak-A-Rang is high. Both improved projectiles tend to be safe if the opponent obstructs and can be employed to extend combinations for extra damage.

Although the improved variations tend to be safe, it’s nonetheless better to concur that your combo struck before canceling to the Chak-A-Rang or minimal Chak-A-Rang. You don’t desire to waste meter without obtaining the potential damage that goes along with it. The Shaolin variation permits Kung Jin become a little more offensive, pressuring and also zoning along with his Chakram projectile assaults. You can increase combinations similar to the Stun Quiver ability into the Ancestral variation, but it needs awesome meter to do so.

The difference is that you can have more damage by making use of that meter. This is not very because versatile as Ancestral, you have more harm while nevertheless having more flexibility as compared to Bojutsu variant that is the absolute most damaging variation for Kung Jin.

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