Hawaii fishing news records.


Hawaii fishing news records.


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Allow me to share Hawaii’s illustrious Granders. They are both black colored and Pacific blue marlin caught in Hawaii waters which have weighed 1, pounds or higher. For those who have extra information in the marlin detailed, other granders caught in Hawaii’s seas, or have a far better photograph than the one depicted, please share it with us.

Contact us at hawaiifishingnews gmail. In Hawaii’s waters even tiny ships have the opportunity to capture monster-sized seafood just like the revered 1,lb marlin. A few of the largest marlin in the field happen caught close to the shores associated with Hawaiian Islands in certain for the littlest ships it is possible to imagine! In reality, the biggest blue marlin ever caught on a rod and reel was caught by Capt.

The fish weighed an astonishing 1, pounds. The seafood to the left is a 1,lb Pacific blue marlin caught by Capt. They certainly were just 15 miles off the windward coast of Oahu whenever marlin attacked a lure. It absolutely was the next grander in 2 days for the anglers plying the windward shore.

Fishermen capture 1,lb grander 21 kilometers south of Honolulu! Browse the tale right here. Blue Marlin. Howard Hose. Hilo, Hawaii. Del Marsh. Kona, Hawaii. George Parker. Hawaii-Kai, Oahu. David Davidson. Butch Chee. Vivian Kekahuna and Larry Ho. Kaneohe, Oahu. Ernie France. Chuck Blesso. Nawiliwili, Kauai. Fred Erickson. Walter Uza. Waianae, Oahu. Tim Rupli. Wayne Watanabe. Southern of O’ahu. Jim Schultz. Tosh Ervin. Rudy Puana. Tori Hesedahl. Kahe Power Plant , Oahu.

John Davis. Daniel O’Callaghan and Capt. Brian Toney. Frank Barone. Jimmy Tomei. Ramon Flores. Molly Palmer. Lahaina, Maui. Kalei-pua Team. Waianae, HI. Dirk Britton. Paula Pattinson. Stan Phillips and Donald Graciidis Jr. Johnathan Harris. Maalaea, Maui. Mike Benham. Paul Morris. Kona, Hello. Rex Koga. Mark Wilby. Steve Spina. Barrett O’Donnell. Rudy Basmayor. Gilbert Hun. Tommy Werner.

Kona, Hawai’i. James Celestino. Gary Nakashima and Wesley Takazono. David Murasaki and Ricky Urada. Bill Trotter and Ray Dela Cruz.

Black Marlin. Chris Robb. Jimmy Akiona Sr. Jeffery McLaughlin. Tony Cordero and Leslie Cansibog. Lloyd Toriano. Matt Prater. Kai Rizzuto. Bob Leggio. Mike and Kendall Michaelis. Manele Bay, Lanai. Herman Gomes and John Langsi.

Garrett Handwork. Gil Kraemer. Tim O’Hallaran. Miloli’i, Big Island. Sandy Haught. Barber’s Aim, Oahu. John “L. Mike DeRego. Honolulu, Oahu. Steven Yamasaki. Brent Nelson. Kona Coast. Frieder Boeck and Fred Patricio. Greg Bridler.

Vaughn Miyauchi. Cory Vellalos. Hale’iwa, O’ahu. Coates Cobb Adams Sr. Henry Chee.


Hawaii fishing news records.Hawaii Marlin Fishing – condition Records (All Fish)

Al Gadow. Lahaina, Maui. 01/14/ Giant trevally, locally referred to as ulua, are the award of Hawai’i’s shorecasters. Many excellent fish have been caught-some in the lb range. The monster of all of them, a lb beast, ended up being speared by Al Gadow from Lahaina, Maui on January 14, for a passing fancy plunge, Al reported seeing a more substantial ulua that escaped. rows¬†¬∑ Kona, Hawaii: 05/21/ Blue Marlin: Johnathan Harris: Maalaea, Maui: 00/00/ . 10 lbs 4 oz. Buffy Tabayoyon. Wailua, Kauai. 05/02/ Buffy ended up being fishing at Marine Camp near Wailua, Kauai in about 30 legs of water whenever she caught her record moi. She was fishing through the night together with her South Bend Goliath reel and Eliminator pole using ika for bait when the moi hit. The fish put up a powerful battle against Buffy’s lb test range.

To see a few of the enormous and special seafood taken from our condition oceans, click State registers. Then, there’s the Hawaii Granders page. Take a look at these monsters associated with deep while the men just who caught them! We also host the elite Plus Club that honors giant trevally evaluating over lbs. You will not think these catches. Plan your tournament activities by visiting our Tournaments web site and starting up because of the event coordinators.

Hawaii has many of the most lucrative purses when you look at the tournament fishing world and also you already fully know we’ve a number of the best fishing and fish!

For anybody which keep an in depth watch on our sea for your activities, take a look at month-to-month moon and tide calendar on our Almanac web page. Utilizing the Almanac you are able to time your ocean activities for peak fishing activity.

The Charter Boats listing is free and it also details the charter organizations by island, so visitors can prepare their particular trips and match with the captains. Additionally it is a fantastic resource for event fishermen hoping to “cash in” on their particular visit to the islands.

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