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Songs Ace Maestro integrates all 48 classes from Musical Ace and Music Ace 2 with Maestro management a suite of educator-focused pupil assessment and curriculum administration tools. Topics covered tend to be:. Games Each tutorial includes a fantastic multi-level game to sharpen songs skills and enhance retention of important lesson principles.

Colorful animated 3-D graphics, digitized sound files, extra things and high results supply fun, interactive enjoyment. Users can choose novice or advanced difficulty configurations.

Monitoring Progress specialized feature monitors an individual’s progress through lessons and games. A “completion count” gives the range times the consumer went through each portion of a lesson and “games progress” provides high results.

Maestro Manager: Student Management. Click image to see full-size display screen image. Maestro Management: Syllabus Management. Maestro Management: Import Databases. Maestro Management: Archive Assessment Data. Maestro Management: Group Choice s. School versions, including lab-pack and system editions, can be obtained. Please view here for a description of readily available versions of Music Ace Maestro or contact us for information and pricing.

Please contact Harmonic Vision at for lab-pack and community pricing or even for a significant rebate to upgrade your version of Music Ace or Music Ace 2 to Music Ace Maestro. Songs Ace Maestro. Reviews Awards. Home Privacy Policy Call Us. Key Features obtainable in educator version only Includes all 48 songs Ace and Music Ace 2 lessons sequenced in a suggested pedagogical purchase Newly modified Educator’s Guide grab songs Ace Maestro Educator’s Guide Maestro Manager, a collection of educator-oriented resources that can be used to: define and manage student teams and individual students produce, manage, and customize the instructional course series import evaluation information from earlier Music Ace or songs Ace 2 installation centralize handling of student and team instructions options import student names from popular student management pc software export evaluation information in industry-standard format archive student and team assessment data.

Subjects covered are: 1. Introduction to the Staff. P laying with Pitch. Intel OS X


Harmonic sight music ace.Music Ace Maestro Product Description

Please contact Harmonic Vision at for lab-pack and community rates and for an important discount to update your form of Music Ace or Music Ace 2 to Music Ace Maestro. Shipping weight for Music Ace Maestro is pounds. *Pricing susceptible to change. Check in along with your Google account. If you sign-in this way, we’re going to save your valuable first and final name and your email address from your standard profile. We are sorry but Music Ace does not work properly properly without JavaScript enabled. Kindly enable it to continue.

Educator versions of Music Ace products include a comprehensive Educator’s Guide and provide the capability to track student communities of virtually any dimensions, through the one-computer classroom to an area area community. To choose top version for the setting, look at information below or phone Harmonic Vision at To learn more about our educator editions in action, study stories that various other teachers have provided.

Designed by music educators to maximize the usefulness of each songs Ace product in an academic setting, the Educator’s Guide is available in a three-ring binder and includes the next features:.

Development sheets can be printed for every user. Pupils’ large game scores tend to be contrasted within each group and progress sheets may be printed as a group. Allows each student access to their private Music Ace file. Provides teachers special use of all pupil files and power to include and delete individual files. The innovative compositions are able to be saved and played back for others. Solitary Computer edition – paths development of users.

Music Ace and Musical Ace 2, for an individual computer system. Songs Ace Maestro, for just one computer. Lab bring – Designed for use within schools with many non-networked computers. Songs development of people per computer system. Pupil tracking information is stored for each for the individual workstations. Bigger installments can also be found at considerable discounts.

Network edition – Designed for use in schools with an area location network. Tracks development as high as 3, pupils and includes a license to make use of the application on several computers at one area. Pupil monitoring data within the network version is conserved in a single place in the community host for easy access because of the educator. You’ve got to notice it to believe it! Home Privacy Policy Call Us. Educator editions Educator versions of Music Ace products come with an extensive Educator’s Guide and supply the capability to track student populations of just about any dimensions, through the one-computer class to a nearby area community.

Designed by music educators to optimize the usefulness of each and every songs Ace product in an educational environment, the Educator’s Guide is available in a three-ring binder and includes the next features: reproducible black-line masters-lesson progress sheets, honor certificates, spelling games with note names, different staff tasks, and several various other enjoyable resources to enhance the students’ music education process recommended activities for lots more imaginative uses of Music Ace detailed matrices of principles investigated in each session and game suggestions for ideal class room instruction methods general Music Ace user information STUDENT TRACKING Allows teachers to track each student’s development through lessons and games; includes a “conclusion matter” for every pupil and “games progress” for large ratings.