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This article includes a listing of characters that appear in the Transformers: Rescue Bots franchise. Charlie even offers a crush on Carin unveiled in episode “Buddy system”. He gets along really together with his companion Chase and is a very level-headed man. Charlie ended up being considering retirement as additionally revealed on episode “New Normal”.

Cody Burns voiced by Elan Garfias as a young child, Oliver Vaquer as a grown-up in “One for the Ages” is the youngest member of the Burns household and something associated with the primary figures into the tv show. Despite their age 9 many years in period , in period 4 , Cody acts as the team’s communications officer. He also functions to greatly help the bots become used to life on Earth and guide all of them.

He will act as a mediator between them along with his older siblings. Sometimes, he helps out in the industry such riding in Blades with Dani. When you look at the episode “Bumblebee to the Rescue”, he satisfies Bumblebee and just like the remainder of their family members struggles to comprehend the Autobot’s message. But, over the course of the event, Cody learns just how to realize him, making him the only real human personality able to do therefore.

He is additionally brave out in the industry if you find an urgent situation, and it has experience in exactly what the robot’s strengths and weaknesses were, as told into the event “Transformations”. When you look at the event “Rescue Boy”, Cody gets a repulser badge from Doctor Greene that allows the user to be invincible, and after he saves the mayor from danger, he’s then deemed a superhero, by the title “save Boy”. Cody makes use of the badge to engage from the front outlines, in missions along with the rest of his family members just who feel jealous about the badge and him overtaking missions against Chief Burns’ issue for his safety.

After another relief that Cody went along to without permission, the badge overheats and Cody is caught in a forcefield. By way of Doc Greene’s technology nevertheless, the rescue bots were able to get Cody to safety. Cody then announced to his family which he has actually give up on being a superhero. In “Vanishing Returns”, Cody attempts to handle being overlooked of this family members and accidentally transforms invisible because an item of alien tech stuck from the hoverboard.

He then used his invisibility to prank the household and spy in the holiday resort people and place gasp right here Madeline Pynch. He additionally planned to make use of the technology to frighten away the holiday resort investors and save yourself the island. In “King Burns”, Cody is been shown to be a great leader and king to Griffin Rock when he types out of the issues of the people.

He then diminishes his kingship which Graham provided to him after he’d to wear weird king garments for their painting. Then he passes from the crown, that has been ordered by the mayor, to Chief Burns, calling him “your highness”. In “Family Business”, after witnessing their dad hurt, Cody discovered that when developing up, he wanted to follow his father’s footsteps. Cody is freed at the end of the event, as a result of Frankie. He also shows children what to do if you find a normal catastrophe or other emergencies.

Kade Burns voiced by Jason Marsden is Cody’s earliest cousin whom works as a firefighter. Kade is significantly of a glory-hog and it isn’t also keen on using Heatwave to start with; they ultimately started to admire each other though neither would acknowledge it. Dani Burns voiced by Lacey Chabert is Cody’s older cousin just who works as a rescue helicopter pilot. Unlike her partner Blades, Dani really loves traveling and has now trouble getting along with Blades due to his fear of levels, but eventually learns just how to use him.

To start with, Graham features difficulty dealing with Boulder due to some extent to his or her own misconceptions. Though Graham is interested in Boulder and wants to know about Cybertron, he erroneously believes that because Boulder is from a sophisticated alien society, there was little he some body from an even more ancient society like world’s could perhaps teach him.

Both a creator and an adventurer , Woodrow has an enthusiastic interest in the mystical and paranormal, spending their time looking for proof aliens as well as other other Cryptids.

His comfortable, risk-taking personality frequently sees him at odds with his much more straight-laced brother, ultimately causing numerous an argument, but in your mind they are brothers.

During his visit, Woodrow has actually learned all about the Rescue Bots and Optimus Prime where he shares in keeping their beginnings a key along with his family. In “Pirates Ahoy”, Woodrow discovers that their ancestor Horace Burns ended up being married to Bertha Carnathan during their most recent visit which generated Huxley Prescott to think that the Burns Family ended up being connected with Bertha’s pirates.

Woodrow therefore the Burns Family ultimately find proof that Bertha had remaining the pirate life when she found their great-great-great-great-grandfather. In “today then” and “Today and Forever”, he returns to Griffin Rock and nearly drowns before being rescued by Blurr, Salvage, and High Tide and helps them and Optimus return Griffin Rock to its spot after it unexpectedly disappeared to another place.

In “King Burns”, he travels to Rwanda and contacts Charlie to desire him a Happy Brother’s Day before becoming attacked by dangerous baboons, but was rescued and followed by a household of gorillas. The Rescue Team visit Rwanda and aided him protect their brand new household from the baboons and lava. He evidently remains behind to look at over them. Save Force Sigma may be the main Rescue Bot team within the show. Among its members are: [ citation required ]. Heatwave can also be the leader regarding the Respiratory Killaz.

He’s second in command after Optimus Prime and it is equal rank with high-tide. He dislikes the actual fact the Rescue Bots need certainly to imagine they have been mindless robots every time they are around Griffin Rock’s people.

He is able to be hot-headed oftentimes, but knows the necessity to spot saving everyday lives most importantly of all. In “Changes”, Optimus Prime teaches Heatwave into picking the energies from within in order to gain another vehicle kind. Empowered by a sunken fireboat when returning to Griffin Rock at that time when it ended up being under a weather attack, Heatwave scans it in order to get to Griffin Rock which help stop the fiery cyclones and turn off the prototype weather machine.

In “Quarry vs. Quarry”, Heatwave gains an Apatosaurus form upon checking an Apatosaurus model giving him four kinds where this kind makes it possible for him to perform water assaults. Chase voiced by D. Chase has a “by-the-book” personality and has a tendency to fuss over any new idea that violates any law he’s acquainted with, though on occasion their dry spontaneity and understanding emerges.

He gets along really with Charlie Burns, although the two sometimes disagree due to the Chief’s compassion-based reaction to authorities work and Chase’s letter-of-the-law personality. Quarry”, Chase gains a Stegosaurus kind upon scanning a Stegosaurus model making him a Triple Changer where form enables him to perform electrical assaults together with tail. Chase was the leader of Blades and Boulder when heatwave needed to carry on main land doing his rescan in modifications.

Blades voiced by Parvesh Cheena is a Rescue Bot that transforms into a relief helicopter and it is partnered with Dani Burns. Back on Cybertron, Blades had a land-based automobile mode and it is not accustomed flying, thus culminating in a small fear of levels.

In “Bumblebee towards the Rescue”, Blades fulfills the legendary Autobot scout Bumblebee whom he significantly admires. Out of the relief Bots, he could be the most expressive emotionally, and develops a love of human being tv and film. Quarry”, Blades gains a Pteranodon kind upon checking a Pteranodon model making him a Triple Changer where the type makes it possible for him to perform a sonic attack. Boulder is fascinated with Earth culture and is always desperate to learn more from publications and other resources.

He’s got an extremely kind and friendly demeanor, and enjoys farming, interacting with creatures, and artwork. Blurr voiced by Max Mittelman is a Rescue robot that transforms into a race automobile. He and Salvage crash-landed on the planet during a meteor shower over 10, years back inside their cargo ship. Blurr ended up being the pilot of the ship. He really loves being fast and takes pleasure inside the speed, but he’s additionally exceptionally careless and impatient.

During his education, he’s always making Heatwave displeased with him. Blurr had been uncovered to possess not need already been involved with Salvage’s story to truly save the cavepeople of Wayward Island, in reality, he abandoned Salvage to try and go back home. After the video footage with this was found, Optimus Prime permitted Blurr another possibility at becoming from the relief Bots.

Blurr and Salvage are later used in another area by Optimus Prime. They later returned to help put Griffin Rock back in place after it had been teleported to a different place. Blurr has also been included as a test topic when it comes to brand-new Groundbridge alongside Chase and Heatwave. With all the Rescue Bot Training Center finally full, Blurr was prepared to party but gets also caught up and forcing Heatwave to show off the music.

After involved in a snowball battle and nearly causing Cody an accident, he challenged Quickshadow to twenty laps around a slot automobile track he’d obtained, utilizing the base’s Minimizer to shrink the set to model dimensions, but lost. The base’s computer malfunctioned and refused to unshrink them. When attempting to get outside to the hologram projectors, he and Quickshadow tend to be attacked because of the base’s cleansing robot until it absolutely was disabled by Servo, who helps them get outside.

Once the cloaking unit is repaired, they have the ability to resume it by ramming the buttons. They truly are later gone back to regular dimensions. Blurr later participates a battle in the mainland, though he struggles to steadfastly keep up their obligations as a Rescue Bot and his address with a few assistance of Dani and a brand new paint job. Their energon boost does harm to the stands while the pair end up being confronted with all of those other team.

Blurr was limited to the fire home, however, once the cars within the third race lost control as a result of errant tech, he aided the remainder team end them. While the relief Team practiced when you look at the Training Center, Blurr and Salvage took over for them in Griffin Rock by trying unorthodox process to get Mister Pettypaws down from a flag pole.

These were later on accompanied because of the Burnses and Blurr had trouble directing traffic. Blurr additionally assists the Rescue Team chase down the Morocco Virus it is struggling to get it.

Blurr was later provided new projects by Optimus Prime. Salvage voiced by Jason Marsden is a Rescue robot that transforms into a garbage vehicle. He and Blurr crash-landed on the planet during a meteor bath over 10, years back within their cargo ship. Unlike Blurr, Salvage rapidly began to enjoy living in the world and gained the value of the various other Rescue Bots, after successfully using fee during their first relief.

Salvage and Blurr are later transferred to another place by Optimus Prime. 3 years on, the Rescue Bots received plans from Optimus for an innovative new mainland base. Salvage constructed the mainland end of a GroundBridge, even though very first test led to Heatwave and Chase becoming deposited into the Sahara.

He will pay another visit to Griffin Rock to help repair a deep failing interaction tower. Although he had been unsuccessful, he had been able to make Griffin Rock’s phones work briefly and later assists Boulder with trash work. Using the Rescue Bot Training Center finally total, Salvage was putting the final details regarding the Rescue Arena if the orifice time for the Rescue Bot training center arrived.

Rather than stick around for the party, he opted to check out Griffin Rock to test the scrapyard for feasible tech, and ended up being caught here when the GroundBridge malfunctioned. Whilst the Rescue Team practiced when you look at the Training Center, Blurr and Salvage took over for them in Griffin Rock by trying unorthodox strategy to get Mister Pettypaws down from a flag pole and had been later accompanied by the Burnses.

He later informs that group of a power surge, leading them to raw energon. Salvage additionally helps the Rescue Team chase down the Morocco Virus but is struggling to capture it.


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