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Begun by Soni Board General Science. Science News Features. Interviews Answers to Science Concerns. Pages: [ 1 ] Get Down. Does anybody understand what elements you would have to wire up to a 9V electric battery and two bits of metal to ensure that when you touch both pieces of metal you finish the circuit to get a little electric shock? You would need develop a digital circuit that would enhance the current to several hundred volts.

The circuit also needs to function in a pulsed fashion, like a power fence charger, to give the shock sensation as long as the electrodes are moved. Making something like this involves a good demand of electronics.

Addititionally there is a protection problem with high voltage, to make sure you usually do not deliver a dangerous surprise. How much current is delivered in a typical static surprise. Ultima Sr.

Men are the same as ladies Guys are exactly like females, simply in out! OOOO this reminds me of something. Somebody played this horrible prank on me where there is this stapaler and I also squeezed it plus it provided me with the surprise of my entire life. I believe it was a vibration though but We wasnt certain. It absolutely was really awful!! contemplate it! You got that right. Electrical shocks do hurt, which is why i mightn’t inform any person making this thing.

I made one myself, a long time ago, and I also thought it absolutely was great fun. No person conformed with me though. I remember as soon as getting one of those PP3 9v bateries which i tthought was dead, I can’t keep in mind the things I did nonetheless it was not intentional I must experienced it during my hand near to my lips and my tongue made a link between the two associates!!!.. I must have now been ten or anything Yes, a great way to always check rapidly whether a PP3 battery pack is live or dead is always to hold it onto your tongue.

It causes localised stimulation, which can be modestly uncomfortable, and electrolyses your saliva, producing oxygen and hydrogen. That will be nice. David Sparkman Sr. The tongue test is more preferable and less dangerous.

In the event that you short out battery pack with a bit of cable between both associates, you’ll create a tiny spark in a dark space, you might also damage battery pack by drawing way too much present and overheating the core associated with the battery pack. Simply touch the two associates briefly with a wet tongue. There clearly was sufficient resistance in your wet tongue to avoid damage, and you may understand instantly when it is great. If u desire an excellent quick shocker that run using 9vs or less, base your circuit in the flash circuit you will find in a desposiable digital cameras!

Or if your sluggish as my self just let them have the removed billed circuit without having the electric battery in. Generally in most its about vs but, reduced amps generally there fine!

We accustomed sign up for the copper transformers away from old televisions and radios whenever in school, this delivers a considerably greater current. The rule of thumb was greater the transformer the higher the surprise. One chap had discovered an amazing one in an old wind up telephone he aquired taking it in to the school.

Technology is continually developing. There is nothing set in stone. Concern every little thing and everyone. Always consider vested passions as reasons for miss-direction. But most of all explore and discover answers you are comfortable with.

A transformer will simply work with a changing feedback existing – so that it will be able to work on AC or perhaps when you switch on or off a present through the input coil. Be cautious make certain there clearly was a rather large resistor in you circuit so that the currents can’t ever be dangerous – I am not yes what exactly is dangerous, probably from the order of a few small Amps that one comes with a handy little warning sticker ‘Don’t lick myself’ in the straight back.

Pages: [ 1 ] Get Up. Comparable subjects 5. There is an error while thanking. Tend to be magnetic causes stronger than electric forces? Which is more effective: electric kettle, or gasoline kitchen stove kettle? How does electric diffusion defers from focus diffusion? Can you change electric energy into solar power?


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This is really very a straightforward circuit which functions improving the collapse of a magnetic area in a small audio transformer. The schematic seems like this: I think something similar to this part should benefit the transformer. If you touch the two production wires, you will get a really small electric shock . The unit behaves as follows: if the pen is held as well as the key is pushed a mildly painful electric shock is sensed. After about 3 seconds, the pain gradually decreases until it’s not longer sensed. Upon releasing and pressing once again the full surprise is believed again, just because just released when it comes to slightest minute. Jan 08,  · You would have to develop a digital circuit that could raise the voltage to several hundred volts. The circuit should also run in a pulsed manner, like an electrical fence charger, to provide the surprise sensation so long as the electrodes are handled. Making something such as this requires a fair demand of electronics.

Electric Engineering Stack Exchange is a question and answer web site for electronics and electrical manufacturing professionals, students, and enthusiasts. It only takes one minute to sign up. Connect and share knowledge within just one area this is certainly structured and easy to search. Internal image:. Assist right here is greatly appreciated: This question is expected several times on this web site and elsewhere, and it also seems as though the posters became pleased with inaccurate answers.

We have no objective of surprising anybody or recreating this circuit, i will be just baffled by how it operates. I have verified that every purported explanations readily available online are inaccurate or partial. The aforementioned image shows the actual only real two components when you look at the circuit. I actually do not understand for an undeniable fact just what the white element is, but I have to assume it really is a higher worth capacitor.

The above picture is a literal design of the circuit. The 50k load is the customer’s hand. Both switches are closed upon pressing the switch. The switch is ahead of the capacitor. We tested this with different capacitance and inductance values and had been unable to cause a significant present when you look at the load for over lots of miliseconds.

Whenever examination we moved the digital switches through the surface into the good cable. There may not actually a capacitor in this circuit. Battery pack charges the capacitor C1 through a resistor R1. As soon as the switch is operated the fee through the capacitor is dumped to the primary of the transformer.

This creates a damped oscillation LC circuit. The transformer secondary has actually much more turns than the main and thus the VOLTAGE part of the quick explosion of alternating current when you look at the primary would be magnified because of the turns proportion. The existing part will likely to be reduced. The full total energy brought to the ‘shock’ are believed through the energy shop within the capacitor. The transformer is a tiny sound result kind but others can be used for instance the trigger transformer for a flash tube hacked from a cheap camera or you could even wind you possess on a ferrite band.

The white object seems like a chip-on-board circuit blob of epoxy over unpackaged incorporated circuit. The essential plan could possibly be a spark coil flyback type current boost, similar to a three-terminal car spark coil or a vibrator-style inverter just like the old Model T spark generator. The noticed frequency suggests that an oscillator is in use, and something expects that a NE or comparable astable is in the white element. Whenever switch is started up, the primary inductance triggers the existing to develop in a ramp.

When the switch is switched off the power stored begins the resonant circuit on the primary part thus inducing a high current into the secondary. The concept is equivalent to into the traditional ignition systems in cars. Likely this gadget has a piezoelectric aspect in it, which makes a sizable current at excessively little present as soon as the device is activated.

You feel a shock from this but it’s perhaps not generally speaking harmful. Similar technology is employed in fuel barbeque igniters. The view batteries could possibly be made use of to supply a voltage multiplier circuit of some form to come up with the surprise potential. The heat-shrunk component might be an inductor to which a DC up-to-date is used then interrupted to come up with the high voltage, or might be a capacitor.

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Could be the current safe for such a prank? Internal image: EDIT: Merged question from Trever Thompson Help here could be significantly valued: This question has been asked many times on this web site and somewhere else, also it seems as though the posters became content with incorrect answers. What I know: the unit behaves the following: whenever pen is held and the button is pushed a mildly painful electric shock is experienced.

After about 3 moments, the pain slowly reduces until it isn’t longer felt. Upon releasing and pushing again the entire shock is sensed once again, regardless if only released when it comes to slightest minute.

The button and grip would be the electrodes. It utilizes 4 1. The additional utilizes incredibly thin cable. It apparently is an autotransformer, because it features three prospects and is covered around one ferrite column. The thing I believe i am aware: I measured the frequency in the major with a primitive oscilloscope.

It had been corresponding to a couple of hundred hz, that will be reasonable considering the discomfort associated with the shock. This might be possible as I have found high capacitance reduced current smd caps. The primary inductance will have to be several mH. The change ratio would in my opinion have to be at the least This astonished me because we read that many autotransformrs have actually a reduced proportion.

I then encountered greater ratio customized people which will be more modest if varying wire gauges are utilized. What I wish to know: Just what the white component is. Is it merely a capacitor? Does it serve other features? Exactly how in the world performs this circuit work. This indicates therefore simple and however i can not explain or emulate its behavior accurately in a simulator Help will undoubtedly be greatly appreciated, as this has kept myself occupied for a long time. Improve this question. Harsha Alva Harsha Alva 1 1 silver badge 5 5 gold badges 11 11 bronze badges.

It’s not “electronic” at all. It really is a slim wire bent into a springtime which snaps on the naive prey’s finger nail in a “mousetrap” fashion. As it occurs so rapidly and it isn’t expected, it is like a shock. I do not see a part labelled “unknown white blob”. Add a comment. Energetic Oldest Votes. Improve this response. Whit3rd Whit3rd 6, 19 19 silver badges 22 22 bronze badges. That is certainly perhaps not a as that will require development with an increase of passive components.

However, possibly there is certainly some device which starts the switch in there the earlier response appears much more in line it is however incomplete. Of these extreme-mass-market toys, you typically have a custom ASIC doing exactly every thing essential to operate, aside from items that has to be physically large coils, capacitors. These are generallyn’t big. For you yourself to make a claim that there is an energetic component in there you must support it with proof.

Precisely what purpose would such a factor perform? Next, we cut the blob open with pliers and then find a white grainy material. The thing I could start to imagine is there may be a switching component in there which re-opens the circuit after pressing the switch, as which may support TonyStewart ‘s response. The COB is a straightforward oscillator probably large frequency divided down and an output driver.

There must be some kind of ASIC, like in some calling bell noise generators, they packs pretty great song inside such white epoxy chips , no additional componcomponents. The current into the real device is 6V plus the internal opposition according to the datasheet is at the very least 50ohms. Additionally, skin weight when gripping the pen is significantly lower than 1M. The step up proportion can then once more be larger.

Do you really claim that the surprising action takes place when the switch is available? The switch opens up in terms of as i am aware whenever you discharge the option, and are usually not any longer in contact I wasn’t certain but thought the current had been between tip and hand therefore I utilized 1M from a dry hand to obtain more voltage on release.

In addition assumed launch of switch took place before release of tip. We have those small batteries at home and three in series gave about 40 ohms. Additionally, I am starting to think strongly that the white piece is an active element. If it incorporates timekeeper and a transistor which opens and closes the circuit everything may start making even more sense. Your thinking? Decapod Decapod 3, 6 6 silver badges 20 20 bronze badges. Adam Lawrence Adam Lawrence