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Cookie jam special cookies.Cookie Jam


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Cookies are the main item in Cookie Jam. There are 2 types of cookies:regular cookies,which come in 6 different colors, and have the exact same effect as well as the special snacks which are created by developing special configurations which every one has its very own effect. Formation :4 regular cookies in a-row.

The most typical unique cookie, often developed unintentionally perhaps not meant to be through cascades. If the striped cookie outcomes from a horizontal move, the stripes would be horizontal, if it results from a vertical move, they will be straight, in addition to outcome is arbitrary during a cascade. Only comes out if the development cannot develop a Sandwich Cookie or Rainbow Cake.

Straight striped snacks are useful in most levels if they’re in identical line as an object. Formation : 5 or 6 regular candies in a L shape. Just is released in the event that formation cannot create a Rainbow Cake. Formation :5 or 6 regular candies in a T form. Appearance :A chocolate covered dessert with all the tints associated with the rainbow in. Notice that it is not your whole cake, just part of a cake. Additionally occasionally formed in Cookie Jam at the conclusion of an amount.

Additionally sometimes into the Cookie Jam at the end of an amount. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In do not have an account? Start a Wiki. Universal Conquest Wiki. Activates a Striped Cookie in direction of the swipe, and a perpendicular Striped Cookie from the position at the end of the swipe. Turns all of the snacks that are similar color as the Striped Cookie in the board into Striped Cookies.

Horizontal and Vertical Stripes are random. These go off immediately. Produces a “sunburst”, destroying all snacks surrounding the “center” and all snacks into the 4 diagonal guidelines.


Cookie jam special cookies.Cookie Jam – have fun with the Free Game Online

Twitter is showing information to help you better comprehend the purpose of a web page. See actions taken because of the individuals who manage and post contentM likes. Unique Cookies Striped Cookies. Appearance:Horizontal or vertical white stripes on a normal cookie. Effect:Clears a whole row or frozen dessert Sandwich. Appearance:Two cookies with the initial cookie’s color in ice cream kind in between. Impact X Cookie. Appearance:A rhombus cookie that. 36 rows¬†¬∑ In Cookie Jam, four blockers may be moved: Gingerbread Man, Rat, Doughnut and .

A blocker is a product in Cookie Jam that stops a player from achieving snacks. They usually take up a square, with the exception of full bowl of Brownies and Lava Cakes which occupy 4 squares. There are plenty of kinds of blockers introduced through the online game. Every Blocker has actually special properties, such as for instance caramel being able to grow if not broken in one single move. Some blockers are easier to eliminate than the others. Blockers cannot be swapped along with other sweets, with the exception of Doughnut and Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Note: You can also remove the chocolate when you look at the middle by hitting them with special snacks from a length. This wiki. This wiki All wikis.

Register Don’t have an account? Start a Wiki. May be removed by simply making a match with snacks of the same shade. Into the old version of the video game, the player would drop if the Gingerbread guy hits the utmost effective. Waffle Level 10 Not a blocker in the strict good sense, given it just addresses the tile’s background. An object which should be damaged by simply making a match on it in Waffle-themed levels. Two-layered Waffle Level 40 similar to the regular Waffle, except it vanishes upon two suits over it, hence its name.

It looks like a waffle covered in chocolate. Three-Layered Waffle degree similar to the regular Waffle, except it vanishes upon three matches over it, ergo its title. It seems like a waffle covered in chocolate and peanut butter. Donut Level 16 A blocker which is often relocated. Disappears whenever a player tends to make a match close to it. One-layered Chocolate Level 31 An immobile, unmovable blocker unlike the Doughnut. Rat Level 46 Old version Moves one tile with every move.

Targets the required items. This blocker is no longer available in the most up-to-date versions of Cookie Jam. Cinnamon Cages amount 61 Immobile and unmovable, but hides a cookie beneath.

A match utilizing the locked cookie or utilizing unique cookies can clear it. The closed cookie doesn’t disappear upon making the match. Can simply be removed by an adjacent match of the same color or if within a Striped Cookie or Cookie Bomb’s activity range. Cookie Timer Level 91 Acts like a cookie, but displays a random number upon spawning.

The quantity reduces by 1 with every move, and a timer leaving to 0 causes the game is lost. Two-layered Chocolate degree 52 Chocolate which takes two hits to fade away. Three-layered Chocolate degree Chocolate which takes three hits to fade. Four-layered Chocolate amount Chocolate which takes four hits to go away completely.

Five-layered Chocolate degree Chocolate which takes five hits to disappear completely. Cookie Cutter amount When a cookie of the identical color is positioned along with it, it will develop into a striped cookie.

Chocolate processor chip cookie Level 91 Unofficial Level Official like to doughnut, except it takes two matches to clear the snacks away.

Full bowl of Brownies amount A blocker that consumes 4 tiles. It holds up to 8 brownies. Making suits will eliminate several brownies. When all brownies tend to be removed, the dish will go away. Whenever every one of the colors are filled up, it’s going to destroy all regular cookies, eliminates glazers through the glazed cookies, and take away one level of all blockers. Cheesecake Level brings out a one-directional blast the cheesecake is pointing at.

Rotates by 45 degrees per change. Six-layered Chocolate Level Chocolate which takes six hits to vanish. Caramel Level Multiplies by consuming a cookie next to it. Making a match next to the Caramel will destroy it. Caramel Bowl amount If there are not any caramels regarding the board, the Bowl will create a caramel, which will start ingesting various other snacks around it.

Wall Level You can not swap cookies divided by wall space, nonetheless they can certainly still let you make suits and obvious blockers. Lava Cake Level Make four matches close to it, and it surely will spot four things on random parts of the board.

With respect to the amount, Lava Cakes will both give you items to assist you to or impede you. Chocolate Caramel Level If this obstacle is cleared, it will probably keep behind a caramel that will begin eating other cookies.

Glucose Cookie Level Make a match close to it, together with sugar cookie will become a cookie of the same color. In the old versions, sugar cookies can not be damaged by special cookies. Cake Box Level Acts like a cookie, but releases a random item upon obvious.

Products can either assist the player striped cookie, X-Cookie, ice cream sandwich, rainbow cake, etc. Dual Sugar Cookie amount A two-colored sugar cookie that may only be cleared by simply making two matches next to it that corresponds into the colors regarding the sugar cookie.

Such as the regular sugar cookie, Dual Sugar Cookies may not be damaged by special snacks. Ice Generator Level A fan that may freeze all items in the front of it. If the Ice Generator is all about to make ice, the machine’s fan will start rotating. At the end of that turn, the Ice Generator will freeze all items while watching machine. Ice degree A blocker that encases a cookie or anything inside of it.

Making a match next to it will probably destroy the ice. Cupcake Bomb amount When a person tends to make three suits that corresponds to the colors when you look at the Cupcake Bomb, the Bomb will explode and destroy all cookies in a 3 X 3 diamond formed square. Gelatin Level This blocker will capture a cookie or any other product inside of it. It will probably spread round the board every three turns. To destroy the gelatin, the gamer may either make use of the unique cookies, or make a match with a cookie of the identical shade in the gelatin.

Gelatin Spawner amount once the board won’t have any gelatins onto it, the spawner will create a gelatin next to it. The spawner will often do that every three turns or three turns after a gelatin was destroyed. Glazed Doughnuts degree once the Glazed Doughnut is damaged, it’ll spread glazers around all of the snacks adjacent to it. Eclair amount When a new player makes three matches next to the eclair, it will probably spawn three copies of whatever item had been in the eclair.

One of that item is placed at where in fact the eclair had previously been, while the other two tend to be spread in arbitrary locations in the board. Tray of brownies degree Tray of brownies resemble the full bowl of brownies introduced in degree , except that they occupy 1X2 squares. Each tray keeps six brownies that must definitely be cleared by simply making matches next to all of them.

Once the player removes all brownies from the tray, the tray vanishes because of the brownies. Once the inkpots explode, they’re going to change all cookies of a particular shade into a color that fits with all the inkpot for example, if the blue inkpots explode, all-red, orange, yellow, green, or purple cookies will switch blue also.

Observe that the ball player must tends to make matches by swapping cookies right next to the inkpots to allow them to explode; inkpots aren’t impacted by special snacks unlike other blockers. The chocolate kiss color shows what shade the ball player should match to be able to eliminate it; a chocolate kiss cookie with a blue chocolate in the middle needs is matched with blue cookies.

After the chocolate kiss is removed, the cookie are eliminated or gathered by making any matches close to it. They roll up by one tile with every very first match you make, nevertheless the 2nd match has no influence on it. Pancake TBA like to doughnut and chocolate processor chip cookie, except it can take three to six suits to clear the pancakes away.

Peanut Brittle TBA same to chocolate, but this is basically the first immovable blocker that progresses conveyor belts. Nevertheless, Gingerbread Man and Rat also move ahead their. Doing a-row of four to five, or a L or T shape by swapping a Cake Box does not create the desired cookie, the Box’s material using priority on the special cookie’s formation.

Groups :. Universal Conquest Wiki. Moves up with every move. Not a blocker when you look at the rigid sense, given it simply covers the tile’s back ground.

Similar to the regular Waffle, except it disappears upon two matches on it, hence its name. Similar to the regular Waffle, except it vanishes upon three matches over it, ergo its title. An immobile, unmovable blocker unlike the Doughnut.

Moves one tile with each move. Immobile and unmovable, but hides a cookie beneath. Immobile and unmovable. Functions like a cookie, but shows a random quantity upon spawning. Whenever a cookie of the identical shade is placed together with it, it will become a striped cookie. A blocker that occupies 4 tiles. Make matches next to it to refill the colour into the Color Pie. Sets off a one-directional blast the cheesecake is pointing at.