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Remember Myself? Advanced Research. Webpage 1 of 2 1 2 final Jump to page: outcomes 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. April 1st, 1. I just wonder final modified by Apek19; April 1st, at AM. April 1st, 2. Level: TH finest Trophy amount Donations: 1. April first, 3. Sell the shovels for treasures. April 1st, 4. Seriously, in the event that other activities into the offer were not to your liking, you wouldn’t have ponied within the cash. In the event that shovels tend to be worthless, for your requirements, just offer all of them for 50 treasures each.

Final modified by Kaledonian; April 1st, at AM. April 1st, 5. initially Posted by Kaledonian. Last edited by Galluccio; April 1st, at AM. April 1st, 6. Hello Warios, Which provide are you telling about?

I recently now purchased 2 offers which had only a Shovel as the second product!! Plz dont provide wrong tips. Think b4 u write!! April 1st, 7. Originally Posted by Galluccio. April 1st, 8. initially Posted by Apek Hello Sir, that offer have you been telling about? April 1st, 9. Originally Posted by warios. If you do purchase it, dont arrive whine right here you do not like it after the fact.

April 1st, Bcoz i pay through my hard earned money , maybe not from ur parent’s account!! I’ll whine just as much i want.. Last edited by Phoenix; April 1st, at AM. webpage 1 of 2 1 2 Last leap to page:. All times tend to be GMT. The time now could be AM. All rights set aside.


Conflict of clans shovel.[ASK] Shovel of hurdles price warranted? : ClashOfClans

ASK. One Shovel of Obstacles expenses treasures when buying it from the trader. Unfortunately the information of it doesn’t make it clear how it functions but I’m guessing it just moves one obstacle as soon as because you have 5 slots. Therefore, it costs treasures to maneuver an obstacle. During my area you can get treasures for 5,49€. This implies Supercell believes that moving. Dec 10,  · Check out our internet page 👇👇 Apr 01,  · conflict of Clans; General; Shovel of obstacles ~ The MOST USELESS ‘Magic Item’!!! webpage 1 of 2 1 2 Last. Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of 14 Thread: Shovel of hurdles ~ The MOST USELESS ‘secret Item’!!! Thread Tools. Show Printable Version; April 1st, # 1. Apek View Profile See Forum Blogs.

Remember Me? Advanced Search. Last Jump to page: outcomes 1 to 10 of Thread: Shovel of obstacles ripoff. Thread Tools Show Printable Variation. December 12th, 1. Shovel of hurdles ripoff I only gone back to the overall game after about a 1 12 months break. Saw this product labeled “Shovel of Obstacles” aided by the hurdles becoming plural. Well come to see it really is just 1 barrier. Misleading item description. Used contacting support and additionally they refuse any sort of reimbursement and even though they assented the subject had been misleading.

Supercell won’t ever see another dime from me in clash of clans or clash royale. What a fraud. Appears like they’ve been only wanting to deceive folks into investing the gems. December 12th, 2. Obstacles plural because you can find different form of obstacles??? Book of Heroes is also plural, but like every secret product, a 1 time use thing. I don’t see everything gone incorrect right here, other than you probably perhaps not performing adequate analysis about what you’re planning to do?

Now I totally have that losing gems to this sucks, but yeah, help won’t refund that. Luckily for us, getting gems is simpler than in the past, and those should always be attained back in months. December 12th, 3. Welcome back! For future guide, there are many free means today to obtain those shovels. December 12th, 4. Funny the support used similar analogy with book of heroes The book of heroes extremely clearly states when you look at the description it can be utilized to update 1 degree.

The shovel states you can use it to “move hurdles. Perhaps the support peon stated they ought to change the description. Total con. For an average user just who’s clan isnt active with wars, it will require a lot more than two months. I spend money regularly in clash royale specially. Never ever once more supercell. December 12th, 5.

Originally Posted by HarryBallzonya. December 12th, 6. Point becoming, not-being in an active clan doesnt help. It could take the normal user quite a while to earn that back. I am over it. But supercell lost a fairly loyal buyer. December 12th, 7. Sorry OP, i assume I experiencedn’t ever seriously considered it but you’re appropriate, it really is pretty deceptive. I understand the impression though once I was a kid I saved up my allowance or a couple weeks and sent away for some “Sea Monkeys.

Turns out you could hardly even SEE them plus they weren’t even genuine monkeys. December twelfth, 8. December 12th, 9. Ah, also bad you did not ask some body before investing treasures. We haven’t ever heard of someone else being “mislead” by this unique product, but in any event asking initially would’ve provided you a fast solution here. December 12th, Last Jump to web page:.

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