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That is in regards to the Bejeweled 3 online game mode. If you’re seeking the original web browser game, see Diamond Mine online game. For the badge, see Diamond, Mine. Diamond Mine is a casino game mode in Bejeweled 3 and Bejeweled Timeless. When you look at the mobile J2ME version, it becomes available by reaching the fifth level in a-game of Vintage instead.

When you look at the Xbox and PlayStation 3 versions of Bejeweled 3 , the symbol that represents Diamond Mine within the online game selection is a pickaxe. In Diamond Mine, the game board resembles a digging machine utilizing the gems placed inside it.

Additionally included are numerous dust squares, which will make within the lower rows associated with the grid. The object of Diamond Mine is always to clear the planet earth by matching treasures close to it.

Unique Gem impacts, such as for instance Flame Gem explosions, can pull dirt as well. Amongst the 6th and seventh rows regarding the board is a white range labeled as the Dig Line.

Upon clearing all the earth above this line, any continuing to be soil will increase until the top from it hits the fifth row regarding the grid, and new planet will be at the bottom to simulate looking deeper into the floor. The overall game will also drive existing treasures when you look at the upper rows regarding the board off the top when this occurs.

For every row of the latest planet added to the bottom, a depth signal will increase by 20 yards, while an All obvious whenever every dirt square on-screen is removed increases 40 yards. Unlike Classic Mode, it is not feasible for the gamer to operate away from appropriate techniques in Diamond Mine, and “The Voice” will likely not state compliments. Along with dust, Diamond Mine functions stones, stones, and boulders. These are denser than regular earth and therefore need additional adjacent matches to obvious them.

Stones simply take two matches to obvious them, rocks simply take three matches, and boulders take four. Just like dirt, Unique Gem effects can digest and take away rugged floor. All Special Gem effects break down rugged ground by two “layers.

Unlike regular earth and rugged floor, just Special Gem effects can eliminate dark stones. Each game of Diamond Mine begins with only four fundamental treasure kinds: purple, yellowish, green, and white. Purple treasures will show up once the player makes at least one appropriate move while blue treasures will appear once the board moves up at the least two rows 20 meters.

Orange gems do not can be found in Diamond Mine. Throughout each online game of Diamond Mine, Hypercubes will periodically drop to the board. There are also Hypercubes embedded in random dirt squares that the player can use once uncovered, however these particular Unique Gems appear just from 40 to yards.

Fundamental gems will develop into Hypercubes in the event that player cannot make any appropriate techniques as soon as the grid moves up. Over the board is the timekeeper Bar. Every Diamond Mine online game starts with an extra time frame.

Clearing all of the earth over the Dig Line will add 30 moments to your time clock while clearing most of the earth on the grid will include 90 seconds. In Bejeweled Classic , the particular time bonuses offered are 25 and 70 seconds instead. You are able for the timekeeper Bar to exceed its initial time frame. When the Timer club hits 30 moments, “The Voice” will announce a short caution concerning the period of time staying.

When the timekeeper club hits 15 moments, the digging machinery will emit a pulsing red shine and a caution noise will play; these effects intensify due to the fact time frame gets near zero. If the time frame runs away, the machinery will break-down in a series of explosions and also the will game end. Into the mobile version, the gears become rusty and autumn. Upon completing a game title of Diamond Mine, a Stats Screen showing different information, such as the maximum depth reached and total timeframe of the online game, will be.

Unlike Vintage Mode, the player will not make points in Diamond Mine by clearing gems. Instead, the gamer does therefore by eliminating dirt squares that have resource. Upon unearthing treasure, it’ll spot itself in a cylindrical glass container suspended beneath the game rating. No matter how much gem the gamer gathers, the container will not overflow. The container is missing within the cellular form of Bejeweled 3 and Bejeweled Classic ; uncovered resource will float toward the overall game score after which disappear rather.

Allow me to share the different kinds of treasures in Diamond Mine, as well as their particular respective point values and a short information of every type. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Register don’t possess a merchant account? Start a Wiki. Diamond Mine.

The dialog box that seems when Diamond Mine becomes readily available. A game of Diamond Mine, as it seems if the online game is paused. Groups :. Universal Conquest Wiki. In-game music. Original origin. Gold includes sparkling nuggets. It seems throughout each online game of Diamond Mine but becomes less regular because the board hits deeper depths. Diamonds tend to be shimmering, sparkling crystals that come in four colors of increasing value: cyan, blue, purple, and red.

They don’t appear until the online game board hits meters. For unknown reasons, the point values granted once the player unearths diamonds are in fact smaller than the numbers that appear. This oddity is present only within the PC and Mac versions of Bejeweled 3. Artifacts are several types of objects. They look throughout each online game of Diamond Mine before the board surpasses 1, meters. Upon uncovering an artifact, it’ll show its name and point value.

Nevertheless, artifacts do not show their brands into the cellular form of Bejeweled 3 and Bejeweled Classic. Diamond Mine features a complete of 46 special artifacts.

You can gather similar artifact twice in one single game. This badge is awarded for uncovering particular variety of artifacts in a casino game of Diamond Mine. Game modes. Bejeweled 2. Bejeweled Twist. Bejeweled 3. Bejeweled Blitz.


Bejeweled diamond mine tips.Diamond Mine (game mode) | Bejeweled Wiki | Fandom

Nov 25,  · Keep making fire gems & explode all of them near to the bottom associated with screen. Additionally, take care of the pesky sides. Set off the star treasures on the bottom row to clear rows quicker. It is an unusual event, but explode 2 hypercubes which clears everything on . Bronze – Finish a-game of Diamond Mine with a high score of at least , things. Silver – Finish a casino game of Diamond Mine with a high rating with a minimum of , points. Gold – Finish a-game of Diamond Mine with increased score of at least , points. Platinum – Finish a casino game of Diamond Mine with increased rating with a minimum of , things. Trivia. Feb 03,  · Helpful for men and women looking to get a high score on Bejeweled 3 Diamond Mine. This guide will educate you on most of the tips I know to stay live in Diamond Mine mode.

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Bejeweled 3 Store Page. Global Accomplishments. Bendyhuman View Profile View Posts. I currently have a fairly “meh” Diamond Mine high rating of k.

Does anyone have any tips on improving this? Final modified by Bendyhuman ; 25 Nov, pm. Showing 1 – 10 of 10 responses. Vexel78 View Profile View Posts. Additionally, look after the pesky corners. Tripped the celebrity gems regarding the bottom row to obvious rows quicker. It’s an unusual event, but explode 2 hypercubes which clears every thing from the display screen providing you more time in the clock. Pinballwiz45b See Profile View Blogs. Only hold searching while making those special treasures useful.

Brundij See Profile View Posts. After you clear all dirt on the line, it is possible to hold swapping gems if you are fast adequate. There is no need to be too fast, just have the hang of it. Keep swapping gems on a regular basis whether or not they don’t really match therefore the degree doesn’t decrease.

Observe that the time clock will still go down. Once you end, the stage advances down and can award 30 seconds to your time clock. Equivalent takes place when your time clock runs down to zero while doing this but you’ll keep playing the second phase. In the event that you clear all of the stage you will get a 90 seconds award. Occasionally it doesn’t really worth your time and effort as if there is some indestructible stone it really is generally harder to clear every thing, and a lot of times the game puts brand-new falling treasures in a manner that it is not simple to achieve the base with matching jewels.

But on initial phases when you look at the game it’s not hard to build enough time. Do not hang on to your hyper cubes for too long; they will certainly simply block off the road. Try to make use of hyper cubes to explode gems from the edges, given that sides regarding the soil require the most effort to clear. When you do get two Hypercubes next to one another, before matching them right away, see how numerous blocks you have got kept to clear the rows usually.

If you have only a couple remaining and you can clear them without disturbing the Hypercubes, you will get 30 moments for the normal obvious, then instantly match the Hypercubes for the 90 2nd bonus. It’s not precisely common, but could be a massive help if it is possible. As toyota stated. Hold swapping after level clears, best advice I reckon. Simeon View Profile View Blogs. In the event that you pause and unpause it fast then it will save you time when looking for matches.

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