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Baby Hazel and buddies tend to be appreciating their week-end in the playground along with their pet animals. Oh no! The animals had a fight while playing while having got hurt. Is it possible to help the kids to convince their animals to take treatment? Keep carefully the animals relaxed through the treatment by pampering them with their most favorite food and toys. Baby Hazel along with her friends tend to be appreciating fun rides at the playground. Could you keep a wrist watch to their sexy small animals playing within the yard?

Oh Gosh! Pets had a petty battle and got hurt. Baby Hazel along with her dog, Honey Bunny have reached your pet hospital for treatment. But Bunny is frightened of the medical checkup. Could you help Hazel to persuade Bunny to take the treatment?

Roxy is suffering from dental problem. Help the veterinarian to give dental treatment to Roxy. Be together with her throughout the therapy which will make her comfortable. Cute little Harley has actually fractured his knee. Is it possible to help Jake to pamper the little bird? Assist the vet to utilize cast on Harley’s fractured knee.

Tommy is lucky enough while he suffered no accidents. Give him a refreshing shower and wash away all mud stains from their human anatomy. Baby Hazel Pet Hospital. Keep a watch on animal creatures Baby Hazel and her pals are appreciating enjoyable trips at the park. Vet treats Bunny for their wounds Oh Gosh! Give dental hygiene to Roxy Roxy is struggling with dental problem. Handle Harley for their fractured knee sweet little Harley has fractured his leg. Bathe precious little Tommy Tommy is lucky enough while he experienced no injuries. Settings: Use mouse to have interaction with Baby Hazel yet others.

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We many Baby Hazel Pet Games such as for instance, Baby Hazel Naughty Cat, Baby Hazel Goldfish and Baby Hazel Pet Care. Baby Hazel Pet Party – Play free online Baby Hazel Home. Baby Hazel chooses to play Pet physician game along side her relative, Ashley. therefore. Allow join the kids to take care of pretty small animals while making them healthy. Get Hazel prepared for the games by dressing her up in doctor doctor costumes and accessories. Then assist her to select medical resources and devices required for treatment. Aug 22,  · Baby Hazel brands him Honey Bunny. In this video game, Baby Hazel learns how to care for her small animal, Honey Bunny. She needs your help in discovering animal attention activities like washing the pet, feeding, having fun with dog and lastly creating a property for the dog. To earn much more points, keep Baby Hazel and Honey Bunny pleased through the entire activities by rewarding their demands%(K).

Oh, Baby Hazel’s pets are in bad feeling. Baby Hazel is remaining into the question how exactly to cheer them up, ergo, she intends to toss pet party for her pets. She invites her buddies too. She thought like even animals need some happening and joyous time.

Help Baby in getting all her animals ready for the party and then make this party memorable. Pay heed towards the needs of Baby Hazel along with her buddies animals assure obtained enjoyable at the party. Enjoy this fun filled animal party with Baby Hazel. Its week-end when Baby Hazel really loves spending her time along with her darling animals. But these days this indicates these notorious pets come in no state of mind of listening to Baby Hazel.

They appear bored and annoyed. To change their particular mood, Baby Hazel plans to organize Pet celebration on her fond pets and attracts all her friends. Be with little to no Hazel throughout feeding her all requirements. Help her to make them rest and get up next morning.

Most people are wake-up and eager to take pleasure in the party. All are in playful feeling now. Baby Hazel has come into her pets space now begins with getting all of them ready. Go to most of the needs of them. Eventually its celebration time. Baby Hazel has actually arranged everything for the celebration at her garden, from the comfort of food to different playing activities. Her friends Liam and Jake are soon likely to join her along with their animals. As soon as all came the party sets in!

Pay heed to all or any the needs of them and luxuriate in this amazing animal party. The pet party just isn’t yet completed, there is certainly more in the future. To close out the celebration, Baby Hazel has actually more arranged shock animal tv show when it comes to activity of everybody. Sounds exciting, correct? Be part of this amazing animal program and now have a wonderful day with darling Hazel. Baby Hazel Pet Party. Baby Hazel Pet Show Hurray!

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