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Around elves watch yourself.Around elves, watch yourselves


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Around elves watch yourself.Around elves, watch yourselves

around elves, view yourself! level 1. Most of the drowning everyone was submerged in the world. 10 things · 24 months ago. Medea might not want him but I want a taste of Jason’s Colchis. level 2. Original Poster 6 points · two years ago. You’re strange and it is needs to grow on me. Around elves, view yourselves.. I Anonymous CE/ CU/ No. Once, we had an elepha fucked we human, awe, and created this psychotic obsession with brin. Jul 12,  · CHARMMusic: Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody Baby Driver Soundtrack – Smokey Joe’s Los Angeles La Psychotropic Frequencies Remix – Turn off that [email protected]#! Knife Celebration.

Click to generate Account. Login to FJ. Click to Login. Sign in with Gmail. Adjust content blocking Content Blocking. She MATCH afeared in to the background change a while, we forgot about her, but two campaigns later her study started showing up, and this escalated until it turned aut that she was basically getting ready to harvest all life an Earth to try to deliver her animal goldfish back to life.

By the end of it were were up to aur balls in hideous goblin mutants that ate souls and vomited all of them back up as pearl catalysts for same ancient resurrection ritual. Five fucking promotions nofighting this crazy elf, inspired by lave and heartbreak to destroy the wand and will ofthe gods to create her spouse right back, because SC HAD to strike an the elf chick.

Solution to fucking go, Riley. It’ s SC enraging to endure these enormously fierce tests, and then understand that they aren’ t clever after all, they designed by a weman with boundless time and no feeling of proportion. Example: Her research records had been all written in Dwarvish, which was the language of chaise for scientific notation. However apparently she thaught “ah hey, sameone might read my records and figure aut my programs. She destroyed the entire Dwarvish society, and annihilated their particular culture.

Then she invented Esperanto and taught it to the people. Nobody talks Dwarvish except her anymore. Fucking incredible. Inform us mare. The whale affair isjust SC agonizing from start to complete it thinking about it.

Like in campaign three, whenever she launched a that has been like a combination between Potatoes, Wheat and Rice. Grew in huge paddies, each we had been the size ofa bowling basketball, Wu cauld consume five craps a year easy, didnt deplete the soil, and, ah yeah, afterthe tenth wearthed basically flooded the atmosphere with sentient anthrax, to induce migration inland.

Or like in campaign two, whenever she tare guys the abyss with a big ring painted with seven hundred gallons of her awn bloodstream carefully extracted and frozen Marthe causse of years, and tried it to pull aut the very spirits of entropy and chain all of them to hernial SC that she cauld put aut the sun forthe 15 minutes she necessary to do same stupid syzygy shit. In contrast to she used a telescope anything. Every fucking time, we become dealing with this hideous group of disasters, and a campaign Interne nontrivial the specific motivations to their rear had been.

Not really slight revenge. I mean at the very least it’ s however fun, and while you are playing it Wu never notice, but then afterward youre left going “did gewust spend six months cockblocking an elf? Half a year cockblocking an elf. There was sentient anthrax and Waived, yes, nevertheless when Wu have dawn to it it absolutely was cockblocking an elf. Shortcuts: “C” opens commentary. Scroll to create? Spoiler Image. Hide Reviews. Include Comment. Per web page: 10 10 20 40 60 80 Per Page:.