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A – I’m not diasppointed 2 A – I want to go, but Ask myself! Riddles research. Episode 2 B: Deny it B: I don’t know just how! Episode 3 A: Don’t be ridiculous! B: Nod obediently. Episode 4 A: call-out and prevent him. B: they are my pajamas. Episode 5 C: I’m not sure however.

A: It’s close, so I’ll stroll. Episode 6 B: Let it go. C: Allow Mononobe response. A: Nothing! Episode 8 A: we can not allow you to get alone! Episode 9 B: it absolutely was all due to you. C: That’s exactly how delighted I am! Episode 10 B: Excuse your self and go back home. A: Ask him to allow Sanada get. Episode 11 A: Ask what you believe is ok. A: Fine. Episode 12 A: allow me to down! A: have you been concealing something? Episode 1 Can I explain? Episode 2 allow it slip. Episode 4 allow him go.

I just got from the shower. Episode 6 Ask Mr. Mononobe for assistance. State he pushed you to drive the cycle. Episode 7 I became never ever scared of you. Perchance you should go to your hospital. Episode 9 Compliment me much more. Woof, woof! Episode 10 Excuse your self and go homeward. Signal Sanada to run away. Episode 11 Ask what you thiink is okay.

Episode 12 i’d like to down! Try to keep any office. Newer Article Elder Post Residence. Sign up to: Article Comments Atom.


After college affairs rikiya.After School Affairs | Voltage Inc Wiki | Fandom

Feb 24,  · Chapter 1: Please don’t get the wrong concept So what does which means that? Section 2: Deny it I don’t understand how Section 3: Don’t be ridiculous Nob obediently Chapter 4: Call away and stop him These are my pajamas Part 5 we don’t know yet It’s close, and so I will walk Chapter 6 Let it go. Apr 25,  · if you wish to enjoy more, download the applications. Rikiya’s course is no-cost till the termination of this thirty days:D. After School Affairs, Dormitory for Adults, Main tale, Mononobe, Rikiya, Rules of Love Unregulated, Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Voltage Inc., Walkthrough, Otome Otaku Girl: [Walkthrough] After School Affairs – Rikiya MononobeEstimated Reading Time: 3 mins.

From the time you began working collectively, you’d just seen him as a teacher and a coworker… until one day, you abruptly see this opposite side of him. Your heart pounds… could this be breaking the guidelines?! After class matters is an otome game by Voltage Inc. You may be an instructor of a school where love is forbidden to pupils and educators, you wind up dropping in love with one of the colleagues. It’s available on iTunes and Andriod. Note: Characters in strong are only for sale in the Japanese version while having however to be translated.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Register don’t possess an account? Begin a Wiki. Coming Soon Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki. After the bell rings, your secret begins An introverted Japanese record teacher who’s a significant record buff. He often rambles about things associated with history and sometimes compares present incidents to historic events. A Science teacher with a fierce demeanor but actually keeps a form heart.

He’s their known reasons for becoming a teacher. An English teacher and translator that hides something sinister behind his smile.

His lectures are entirely in English to greatly help his students talk natively. Your colleague through the all-boys’ school just who’s laid-back and keeps a pet Silkie called Professor during the nurses’ company. An adult and popular student at the school. He becomes president of this pupil council within the second period.